Monday 27 August 2012

Petite satchel

This wasn't the bag I planned to make when I signed up for Cam's Choose your Own Bag Adventure - but I had forgotten I promised a birthday bag for another of my nieces (I have five of them!) - so I had to get that done first!!

This is Nikki's Small Tote made as a satchel.

It's the little sister to the bag I made myself a little while back, the perfect size for an eight year old.

While it doesn't look square in these shots I can assure you it is!
The colours are not at all what I would have gone with but the recipient was most adamant about her choices so I went with them.

The flower is a brooch - so she can leave it on or take it off as the mood suits her, I just thought it needed a little something on the front to break the solid 'dotty' effect!
Still not sure if it's a bit much - but the new owner can decide...

Inside I put a zippered pocket and I have also made a very basic zip coin purse for her because everyone needs a purse in their bag.

It also has a magnetic clasp hidden in there - I need to practice these a bit more - and it looks like I will get plenty of opportunity to as I have requests for three more of these! (surprise, surprise!)

Constructing this bag was made easier with the assistance provided from my AMAZING new steam iron.

Many thanks to the very kind enabler who put me onto a great deal for this lovely new gadget, it makes the finish on things incredible.

I know Lara is enjoying hers too and if we all bring them along to Sewjourn later this year we might just have our own steam room!!


CurlyPops said...

Awww such a sweet gift. The birthday girl is going to be chuffed!

Heather Allen said...

I know it is not your colours but it is just right for an 8 year old. I think the broch on the front is great. Well done. I am sure she will use it a lot.

Tas said...

Just gorgeous. What a lovely present. How do you keep up with 5 nieces? Lots of girl chromosomes over your way ;)

Leonie said...


Annie said...

Iron sounds good and bag looks great. I'm not surprised that three little ones are saying "make me one"

Tanya said...

If I were 8 and you were my aunty I would think you were amazing. Any boys in your family?