Wednesday 29 August 2012

Avian love

There are always things I remember I haven't blogged and I meant to, this is one of them...

Remember when Wendy organised a fabulous market and Full Circle Exhibition back in July, well it was a smash hit and the exhibition was amazing - there were so many and varied entries.

There were paintings, ceramic pieces, organic works and of course stitched items.

I brought home a little bit of loveliness for myself, made by one of my SIT buddies, Hilary.

Once day when my new sewing room is ready I am going to have a little display of gorgeous things such as this and the mini quilt I got in one of the SIT swaps from a far away sewing friend, Helen.

Things that, when I see them, will remind me that this sewing gig I am in is all part of a community of people.

That should make me smile.


Susie said...

How beautiful - but only to be expected from the very talented Hilary. Great you snapped it up before anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love this little birdie!! I'm sure she will nest nicely in your collection xx Wendy

Unknown said...

That looks really nice. New sewing room? Did I miss something??

Tanya said...

happy to be in the sewing gig community with day I might make you something for your new sewing room! Is there a new sewing room in process? I have a cushion cover at Hilary's house which I made for her in a swap once! That's lovely, what she's made for you.