About Me

I'm  a family-loving, Melbourne-living, sewing-crazy, wife, sister, daughter, friend and mum to three gorgeous girls.

When not running my kids to and from activities you'll find me at my sewing machine, attempting to write my own book (yeah, aren't we all!), planning our next city escape or getting involved in my local community.

I also like to take photos, ride roller coasters, laugh, talk, swim in the surf and read, read, read.
But I don't much like to cook, so don't come here looking for recipes, or housekeeping tips for that matter - also not my strong point.

My family are the most important thing in my life, so excuse me if I blab on about them too much, but hey, it's my blog - I can talk about whatever I like really.

Feel free to leave me any questions you'd like answered here, and I will try to get back to you with an answer (within reason of course!).
Or you could just say hi and introduce yourself.

Oh, and thanks for visiting, I've made lots of fabulous friends via blogging, perhaps you will become one too.

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