Thursday 27 October 2011

Sewing stuff I've learned!

As you sew things you learn lots along the way, or I have at least!

Here are a few things I've learned over the past few years that have made me a better sewist/sewaholic and enabled me to produce garments with a more professional finish.

It's worth taking time to correctly transfer all notches from your pattern to your fabric.

This will make it much easier to ensure all pieces are correctly aligned as you sew them together, resulting in less frustration and a better fit.

Little snips are all you need.

The iron is your friend!

Press your seams to set them then iron them open.
Iron fabric before cutting.
Press pieces as you go for best results.

Use your iron for good!! Sew with it!

Pin for quality

Use glass headed pins - as Carmel says - they won't melt when you are using your friend the iron.
Always place your pins perpendicular to the seam, as shown below.
Get new pins when they become blunt - they aren't expensive but might save your sanity or your fabric!

Pinned and ready to sew

Take your time to properly prepare

As for the notches - take your time and correctly prepare all pieces - mark all buttonholes/buttons, pleat lines and dots for matching so that when it comes time to sew it will be quick and easy.
In order to do this use a good quality marking pencil - try a few til you find the one you like best.
Don't mark tonight, with a fading marker, the things you want to sew tomorrow!!

Marking the pin tuck lines for a Family Reunion dress

Do you have a tip that makes your sewing life easier??

I'd love to hear it if you do.


Tanya said...

Kazz, I love your tips- mine is less technical- if you are getting frustrated, and impatient- sitting there trying to work it out, isn't always the best solution- can lead to futher frustration. It's okay to put it down, get a cup of tea, get some perspective and then return to your work abit calmer- it's AMAZING how after that, when you sit down, you might read the instructions differently and they make sense. I used to 'push through' in an effort to finish something, but somewhere along the line I realised i was comprising quality, sanity and enjoyment

Catherine said...

Thanks for this! I didn't know about placing the pins perpendicular - will have to try that with the next project!

rachelmp said...

Great tips Karen. What is your fancy transfer pencil tip?

Seaweed and Raine said...

Avoid sewing with small people under foot... wait till they are in bed!!!

Unknown said...

I used to pin along the seam allowance, until I was taught perpendicular. You can sew right up to the pin, I think you are less likely to stab yourself and it's more accurate.

Sally said...

Lots and lots of great advice there. Thanks for sharing Karen!