Wednesday 26 October 2011

Puppy love

If you have been following along with me during Blogtober then you saw the beginnings of this dress here and then the progress here and now, I am pleased to say, it's finished!!

As you can see the recipient is pretty happy too.

The fabric is from the Sherbet Pips range by Aneela Hoey

As with all Oliver + s patterns it was a delight to sew - such wonderfully clear and concise instructions, well marked pattern pieces and lovely little details such as the flat piping on the yoke, the little pleat in the front that is replicated on the sleeve edges and the matching facing - which I haven't shown you here.

It also has side pockets that she is trying to show you here!

In case you didn't know it's the Playdate dress and this is a size 4. It fits her perfectly now and I am glad I didn't make the larger size - I love that it is not swimming on her.

The front pleat is replicated on the sleeves.

When I finished she asked to wear it straight away - and I said I needed to give it a wash to remove the pen markings on the yoke but her response "I don't mind Mama, I'll just wear it anyway."
She was not impressed when I said that no I needed to take them off!

Sweet little ruffles, flat piping and shiny black buttons.

I will say the yoke was a bit of a slow process - not helped by the fact that I am a stickler for following instructions and getting it 'right'.

All I will also say that it's not hard, just that it's worth taking your time and persisting to ease everything into place.

Oops - can still see some blue marking pen there!
Coincidentally as I was making this dress Nicole put up a series of posts that take you through making it step by step.

I read her posts and have to say that the insights of one who has made the dress before (multiple times!) were very helpful - particularly with regard to finishing some pattern pieces before proceeding to the next step.

I believe it gave me a more polished finished result - and there's nothing that I think "I wish I had overlocked that before sewing" - as I sometimes do.
So thanks Nicole!

(To find the posts relevant to making this dress check her archives for Playdate parts one through five in October 2011.)

So now onto the Family reunion dress.....


Liz said...

It's just lovely Karen and of course your model does it complete justice.. :o)

Selina said...

I really, really love this dress.

Becky said...

Love it! Well worth the wait :)

make it perfect said...

GORGEOUS! Love that puppy dog fabric, the dress is divine :)

willow and moo said...

Super sweet dress!

motherof5 said...

I am blushing over here!
If it was any help-My pleasure!
This is just so cute but sophisticated at the same time!

Little Munchkins said...

Such a cute dress. Love the fabric!

I have mine all cut out and ready for the sewing machine. Only thing is, it has been waiting to be sewn for, hmm...half a year? I only hope it still fits Munchkin when I get to sewing it. I think I did cut a larger size so fingers crossed it will still fit her.

Peta said...

It turned out beautifully!

Cass said...

Karen it looks awesome and she looks very pleased with it

Sally said...

That face just looks so wonderfully amazingly beautiful - what a gorgeous smile... the dress is worthy of it for sure. Brilliant. And the wearer sure does look chuffed.

Tanya said...

I love it that you are a stickler for following the instructions. Your girls are so photogenic, Miss G looks pretty happy with her gorgeous new dress

thornberry said...

Absolutely delightful! She looks adorable. Such a lovely style!

Simple Simon and Company said...

Love the fabrics and the workmanship! Darling!

nest full of eggs said...

she looks so happy with her dress