Sunday 20 February 2011


Kate often writes of the things in her life she is grateful for, and it pleases me that she usually includes the simplest of things; things that money can't buy but that make your day better all the same.

Things for which I am grateful include; the sun breaking through the constant cloud cover and brightening things up a little, little girls running and giggling with friends at play, the wonder and absolute belief on the kids faces when they are totally engaged by a fairy who visited a birthday party, the blonde curls the smallest child has, the moment when the key turns in the door signalling the arrival home of "the guy who lives here" and all of us feel happy and thankful he is safely home.

I am also very grateful to fellow bloggers who take the time to express their own gratitude by sending thoughtful gifts, for no reason other than to say 'thanks'.

The lovely Ms Seaweed and Raine sent me a little care package last week.
An absolutely perfect crocheted phone cover (I had just decided I needed something to protect my phone in my handbag!) and a lovely fabric strawberry I had to extract from the children's hot little hands!

There was also a little something extra, but um, it didn't make it to the photo!  Needless to say the sweetheart lollies were very much appreciated. (You can see them on her blog, but not mine!). And a very sweet handwritten note.

It all arrived on Valentines Day, a day when my own sweetheart was interstate, something that will be happening more often for a while, and something that we are still all getting used to.

So my advice to you my dear readers is, take some time and show your appreciation for someone who has, in some small way, touched your life. I guarantee it will make their day.
It certainly made mine.


Kate said...

A gorgeous grateful list Karen.
Its funny how much taking notice and writing it down once a week makes me feel better about all the crazy goings on in my life.
I hope you have a wonderful and happy week.

Tanya said...

Lovely and I am so glad they arrived for you on Valentines day...and sorry that your real sweet heart wasn't at home.
I waved at you from the Eastern Fwy today, down in Melbs for the day for a funeral.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Glad they arrived safely - even better that they arrived on Valentines day! I didn't dream that they would make it there that quickly.
P.S. You are most welcome - I had fun making them :)