Monday 21 February 2011

Frilled with the results

OK, it's been a long time coming - but I am at last back with the last of the bathers/swimwear.

Here is the littlest madam in her new swimming gear, which she adores. 
I think she loves putting them on because it means she gets to swim and this kid is seriously part-fish.

Pants are the 'Dumbo' underwear from Ottobre 6/2010, all I did was do a rolled hem on some white lycra strips and ruffle them (just by hand) across the bottom.
Because I love frilly bums, because I couldn't resist the urge to do it and because soon she (or her Dad) won't let me!

The top is a singlet top from Ottobre 3/2007 (design 9) with a couple of modifications. Instead of tying the straps on the shoulder I measured them and cut so they joined under the arm then looped straight around. And I omitted the ruffles on the front - wouldn't want to over do it...

After doing that I browsed my 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love' book and of course found that the Brooklyn tank top is the same as this pattern, but with no modifications required.
I'll be using that in future, especially as it goes to larger sizes too.

So this less than wonderful pic was hurriedly taken just before they jumped into the local pool. The bathers passed with flying colours for comfort, lack of gape and general performance - but I should have thought to line the white top - not that the toddler cared.

I have since had to remake the top (after unpicking the bindings as I had no more dotty fabric) after the smallest, on this very first outing, spilled an 'all natural' raspberry/pine Calippo down the front - and nothing I tried would shift it.
Special treat - great idea!

Seems I am not the only one who likes a ruffley bottom!

Oh and I forgot to mention last post that I would, in future, put elastic into the armholes as well as necklines of the one piece bathers and unbound tank tops so they sit better.

Also if you haven't tried Wondertape and sew, or want to sew stretch - then seriously do yourself  a favour.
It is fabulous, and made sewing some of those fiddly little hems way easier.

Also, thanks for the swimwear love, glad to hear I am not the only one with 'issues' about commercialisation and inappropriateness of kids clothing.


Carla said...


I love them, I love them, I love THEM. I want a set of each... FOR ME!!!! With ruffle bums and everything!!! The red dots are completely perfect.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffles Karen. They are gorgeous.

Christy said...

Again - super great work! I LOVE the frilly bottom! Did you see that you finally inspired me to cut into some stretch last week?? T-shirt dresses will become the bulk of my wardrobe now!

Sue said...

Oh they all look fantastic. I think the ruffles are cute and what a pity that she stained the front of the top already. I was going to say that my daughter wouldnt last in white bathers either for very long without them ending up dirty, lol!

Jennifer said...

Karen those ruffled bather bottoms - I seriously need a pair for Ella - they are fantastic!! I need to put in an order.

Cass said...

Wow they all look great Karen

Tanya said...

LOVE the frilly knickers! These photos are very fun.

Seaweed and Raine said...

I think the latest is the greatest of all your swimwear so far! Bravo!!!
LOVE those ruffles (glad toddler loves them too ;) )

willow and moo said...

You have inspired me to sew swimmers at some point!

And I loves me my Wondertape. I use that stuff all the time!

Tas said...

They are stunning. Those ruffles....Sewing up bathers scares me I admit.