Saturday 12 February 2011

No more sleeping in...

Kinder is back!

The two big girls are doing two full days of kinder this year, as of the week after next.

It will be very quiet in my house and quite strange for the smallest child and I to get used to.

Here they are ready for their first day, new sandals and all.

Miss G was going to stay with our friends for the duration of the 1.5 hour introductory session, yet apparently still needed her lunch bag and backpack for the occasion.

Sometimes it's hard for her having twin sisters who get to do so many things together at the same time.
Still, I am sure she will enjoy being centre of my universe for two days each week.

I see them off to things such as kinder with a sense of joy, at all they will learn and discover, and a sense of sadness that they are one step closer to being out of my daily care.

Do you feel the same?
What was day one of the 'school' year like for your family?


Sue said...

Your girls look so excited to be going to kinder. I loved it when my daughter went to kinder because she made a few special friends and learnt so much too. When she went to school I thought she would be nervous but she just walked in and said "bye mum" which made me sad that my smallest was at school then. It does take quite a bit to get used to the quietness but I am sure your youngest will enjoy one on one time with you.

Liesl said...

Oh, they all look gorgeous! (I'd like to say that Miss G appears to look the most confident of all three!) I hope the girls had a wonderful time at kinder.

It was very strange for a few hours at our house this week (concurrent kinder & prep) ... I cleaned ... and it stayed clean. I felt like I was in a parallel universe!

Susan said...

Wow, the little girls are getting so grown up. Soon our little ones will all be off for school *sigh* Susan

Annie said...

They look quite ready and appropriately excited. I was always the little one wanting to go too. The first day was exhausting for me (teacher and all) but I remember my first one going to school and I actually went home and did a little dance in the garden.

Seaweed and Raine said...

My kids aren't up to school yet - but let me tell you - my former occupation before being a Mum was a primary teacher... yup. A few days after I came home from hospital with my first son, I was walking past a cafe with bub in the pram when I saw a parent from school there... I had this sudden flash of "Oh no! I don't know how they could give their kids to me for a whole day!!! I don't think I could do that!". So funny. It will still be a challenge - I assure you, but I think when the time comes comes he will be so excited that it will (HOPEFULLY) make it that much easier.

Green Mama said...

Day 1 for me is actually quite gut-wrenching. My older daughter loves kinder and seems to be a child that others gravitate to, and my younger daughter and I get to spend some decent one-on-one time, but it's one day closer to them being out of my clutches! I heard this almost daily when they were newborns and wanted to roll my eyes, but they really really do grow up soooooo quickly. Your girls look beautiful on their first day.

Kylie said...

Looks lie they are both ready for a year of fun. Amelia started Prep this year nd it is Baden who is still having seperation issues after 3 weeks:( and Mum jut doesn't cut it at the park - poor thing, he has lost his play mate.

Enjoy your two days a week woth Miss G:)

Sally said...

There are so many mixed emotions!

Your girls look so fabulous! What gorgeous cheesy smiles. Lovely.

For me... day one ... I just kept looking at the clock trying to remember exactly what time it was that I was suppose to pick him up and panicing that I might be late.
My time wasn't spent well at all.