Saturday 6 November 2010

Sandi Anna

We've had the Ruby Anna, the Olivia Anna and now the Sandi Anna.

This is the Anna dress pattern by Farbenmix made using Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet fabric teamed with Michael Miller Ta Dot (always a winner!)

This is a quick and easy pattern to sew and it can easily be made reversible, though I chose not to here.

I have to say when I make things reversible it's usually not worth the effort, as I always have a favourite side that I get the girls to wear anyway.

It's a great trans-seasonal dress as it can be worn in cooler weather with a long sleeved T under it rather than a short sleeved T.

Instead of doing fabric ties at the back I went with a coordinating ribbon - just to give it a it more of a party look. I used finer ribbon of the same colour for the reverse tie, which is fastenened on her stomach.

I think this is a little too big for her - but this pattern is sized based on height.
The sizings include 110/116cm and then the next size is 122/128cm.

Miss L is 116cm so I chose to make 122/128cm but she could really have done with an inbetween size.
Still it will now fit for ages!

Though that means less sewing required - hmm better have a rethink of that...


Unknown said...

Less sewing required = more time to sew other things!

It looks great, Karen. Kids grow so quickly and it's a bit sad when they have grown out of something that you made especially for them and they seem to have hardly worn it. So I am all for some growing room.

sophie said...

How beautiful is her smile! Love it!

Kate said...

Its gorgeous!
So is she!
I think it would look great as well as short as the floral part for an everyday dress. I do love how the hem matches the straps and the ribbon though. X

willow and moo said...

Fabulous Anna!

Moo was wearing an old Anna over jeans the other week. I think it was a size 110/116 and she's 130cm. That one could be with you for a long time. Good thing that it's so pretty. :)

Kylie said...

Stunning as always (both dress and child:) WOuld you believe that Ihave had this pattern in the pile for so many years and am yet to make it.

Sally said...

Oh it is so gorgeous! Lovely dovely indeedy.