Wednesday 3 June 2009

Look who's smiling

Well this little lady was not very happy a few posts back when I had her try on a dress that was destined for her cousin.

She was very keen to keep it, despite it being far too large for her.

So here she is feeling very pleased with herself in her very own Anna dress, made from fabric featuring the book character Olivia the pig.

You might recall this same little girl had an Olivia birthday cake, you could say she's a bit of a fan.

It sounds ludicrous but I have been thinking a lot about the crafting I want to get done ready for the girls for Christmas.
As far away as Christmas seems, I know the end of year rush will catch up with me and I want to be a bit more organised than last year.

On my list I already have some storybook bags featuring 'The Princess and the Pea' and another fairy tale yet to be decided. I intend to include a book with each set.

For a while I have also wanted to make up one of these carry-along houses.
Since seeing these ones over at My Black Cardigan, I am even more determined to get these done, aren't they great.
I'm also keen to make a puppet theatre of some sort - maybe the one that goes in a door like this made from Amy Carol's "Bend-the-rules sewing" book.
Then there are also portable blackboards that I would like to do , just because I am dying to try out the blackboard fabric and I think they would be great for in the car as we travel to and from family events.
Anyone else care to share some gifts you hope to make, whether for Christmas or another occasion?


Unknown said...

Oh, that's better! Looks like the Olivia Anna Dress is a winner!

How cute is that Princess and the Pea set?

Mark said...

Love the Olivia Dress!!

Cass said...

Karen, I've got that bend the rules book if you want to borrow it just let me know

Nikki said...

That's a much happier face (although the sad one did make me laugh!). The dress is too cute, especially the way it ties at the back. I love how you used fabric that has meaning to your little girl.

Your Christmas 'To Do' list is looking long but good. All the projects are great. I'm looking forward to watching them appear on your blog over the next 6 months....

LBA said...

fabulous dress, and fabulous projects!

I wish someone would make me a take-along dollhouse. I would use it proudly as a handbag :)

Charity said...

Very pretty! :o)

michal said...

it is such a sweet dress, and you daugther looks so happy with it!

Kylie said...

That is cute 0 well done and she does look very pleased with it. Thanks for the brooches in the swap - Amelia and I have claimed one each and we wore them on our coats yesterday when we went out for a girls afternoon tea. said...

We love the Olivia fabric too! Just discovered your blog - and love it. Such beautiful projects for Christmas - sounds very ambitious to me but I can't wait to see some of them!