Tuesday 12 May 2009

Ruby Anna

I guess that's what you call an Anna dress made as a birthday gift for my niece Ruby?

I haven't made this pattern since the first time I did for another birthday gift, almost a year ago.

Not sure why - I guess I forgot about it, but it's easy to make and a really versatile Farbenmix pattern that I think will become one of my favourites.

I have plans to make it up in the 'top' length as well - and fully reversible.
This one wasn't fully reversible cos to make it in this size would use quite a lot of fabric.

It looks very long here, but keep in mind it's a size 134-140cm on a 108cm child! This shows you how versatile it is though - apart from the length, the fit doesn't look ridiculous given it's several sizes too large.
The flower is a pin or brooch so it can be taken off and put on the other side of the dress when it's worn the other way.
That's the versatile bit - you can turn this dress around and tie it the other way for a completely different dress.
Ruffles on one side, ribbon and ricrac on the other.
Check out some more versions here.

Excuse the pink ballet slippers peeking out the bottom of the dress and the serious face, you can only ask so much of your models really.

Face painting courtesy of the fairy where we had Mother's Day breakfast.
Made in 8oz demin with red topstitching throughout.


Unknown said...

It looks like you're going to have to make another one of these dresses for the disappointed model. Its beautiful.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Gorgeous Karen. Love the fabric and especially love the contrast down the bottom of the dress. It's fabulous.

Little Munchkins said...

It looks fantastic! I love it in the denim. I can see how it can become expensive to make it reversible - I checked out some denim the other day and it was about $15 a metre.

Poor Alice (that is Alice right?) she looks downright disappointed that the gorgeous dress isn't hers. Will you be making one for her then?

Cass said...

Looks great Karen but poor Alice she really looks upset it's not for her

The Brissmiths said...

Gorgeous dress no wonder Alice didn't want it to go to another home. Maybe there needs to be a dress in the pipeline for her?
Susan :)

Sahra said...

Its a beautiful dress Karen! I love it in the denim

Kelly said...

Wow gorgeous dress. Denim and red..my favourite colours!

Tracy said...

Very pretty. I just went to Crafty Mamas and bought the pattern after seeing yours ;)

Lou said...

Awww how can you not make her one with that disappointed face!! :-)

Great dress, agree then denim looks wonderful and the details of the trim really compliments it.

thehummingcat said...

Love it, might have to track a pattern down and make one for Cate.

Unknown said...

I love the trim, denim is such a great fabric isn't it.

Leah said...

this is so lovely, I might have to look into that pattern!