Tuesday 22 January 2013

Thoroughly Mod

So here at last is the second finished Mod - I did get it done in time for giving to the teacher - with a day to spare I might add!
The colour is a little more raspberry than these pics indicate, a lovely rich colour
I am really happy to report that both bags were very well received, the teachers at first a little taken aback when the girls started bragging that I had made them, which is a nice reaction.

When we left Miss L's teacher she had her head almost in her bag reading the personal ads and laughing.
I am also pleased to say she took them in the lighthearted way they were intended and was not offended, you never know...
This bag feel really lovely, so soft
Silver square-edged rings on the strap and front tab, again!
I carefully positioned a personal ad for a dog lover on the bottom of the bag as Miss P is a dog lover so I thought she'd find it amusing.
Internal zip pocket on one side for all the important, or personal stuff!
Working for the first time with microsuede provided me with a few challenges and lessons, the greatest of which is concentrate on what you are doing when fusing interfacing to the microsuede and don't get distracted by 'The Lord of the Rings"!!
Little zipper tab again - chosen by Miss L because as she told me, "I love Miss P".
It is a slow process bonding interfacing to a fabric such as this as you have to work slowly and carefully to avoid burning the fabric, or shrinking it.

I really enjoyed making the bag - but putting the interfacing on was a bit tedious, especially when I was dying to rip into the sewing!
Nikki advised me to accept the kind offer of use of an Elna press, as per the lovely Wendy, for the next time and that using a press such as this is a really great tool for bag preparation.

The details of what I used and where I got it are in this post in case you were wondering.
Lara's key tab idea again - I really wish my bag had one of these!
I was very grateful for my lovely new sewing machine, as at some points there were multiple layers of suede and interfacing to sew through - and I know my old machine would not have been strong enough to do it.

Sue of Millrose also reminded me that I should be using the dual feed function of the machine, sort of like a built-in walking foot, to feed these thicker layers through.
I was very grateful for this reminder as it made it even easier.

I haven't talked about it much but I am loving the new machine - it makes sewing even more of a pleasure and there are still so many things for me to learn.
Three internal pockets on one side that fit sunglasses and phone
The girls have been allocated their teachers for next year and we are delighted with who they both got as we have heard wonderful reports about them all.
I say 'all' because Miss L is in a class with a shared teaching position - two teachers who together make an amazing team - but that means only one thing to me - THREE TEACHER BAGS NEXT YEAR!!!! (from that year on really as Miss G will go the year after...)

Cam - you better start that bag challenge in about May this year to get me going early!


ARTwendy ... said...

delicious fabric .... & yes please use said press next time!! .... i know there is more of the red gorgeous-ness waiting in the wings!

CurlyPops said...

Oh gosh I'd better start planning now!!!
I've never made an entire bag from microsuede before - it's gorgeous.
I can vouch for using an Elna press. I would have gone bonkers by now without mine.

Annie said...

Karen, you have done an amazing job! This bag looks terrific! I want to be their teachers!!

Austysmum said...

What an amazing bag! You have outdone yourself with all the little details! Love the personal ads to spice it up a bit ;)

Unknown said...

I love my Elnapress too. Perfect for fusing interfacing. Love, love, love that bag!

Cindy said...

The bag is awesome!

Nikki said...

Fan-super-tastic! Yep... Elnapress, Elnapress, Elnapress... and keep your mind off Lord of the Rings.

Love ya work!

Belinda said...

Oh Microsuede.... lovely! Love the personal ads too, lol