Tuesday 10 July 2012

Time out...again!

I've been very lucky to be able to 'escape' day to day life and spend time in the company of other sewing and crafty chicks a number of times this year, the weekend just gone included.

A couple of the girls at NCB had a booking for Sewjourn with a couple of spare places available. As I have had a few weekends away lately I agreed that I would only go if my crafty friend could also make it as I knew spending time with her would be an added bonus.

As usual, it was lovely to relax, unwind and be free of the regular activities of daily life such as cooking, refereeing/parenting, cleaning and cooking; and just go with the flow.

I also love seeing what other people get up to in their crafty pursuits. 
How they do things, what they choose to work on - I learn something new every time.

Brianna put this amazing quilt top together and inspired Wendy to make one up too. I love the colours and the shapes and everything about it. 
The fabric is a range from Parson Gray (aka Mr Amy Butler), and I had planned on getting some for upcoming teacher gifts (yes I am planning well ahead!), so it was lovely to see and touch and feel the range 'in the flesh'.

Brianna, along with Mel, Claire, Liesl, Lisa, Daisy and of course Wendy and myself - got through a huge amount of sewing.
This is just some of what was done.

Oven mitts, PJ/lounge pants, skirts, jackets, quilt tops galore, dresses, cushion covers, shower caps, a scarf a bat softie, ear bud pouches, skirts ruffled and tiered and a sweet little Oliver+s top.

Clothing, quilts and cushion covers for all shapes, sizes, styles and tastes!
We took our time with it all - it was great to sew without feeling like I 'had' to get anything done.

I was in fact very productive, completing two ruffled and two tiered skirts, five little shower caps (just for fun!), completing my first Slip-on Suzie dress, doing repairs on two pairs of jeans, one pair of bathers, one skirt, one shirt and putting elastic into three pair of leggings as well as making a start on my Clover Cape.
Did you see the cute bat softie in the centre of the quilt...
I have to say my only regret was not having started my cape earlier as the finish on the seams when using Brianna's totally-amazing-steam-generator-iron was nothing short of incredible - so I wish I had been able to complete it.

But I came home feeling like a 'sewing weight' had been lifted from my shoulders as many little 'odd jobs' that have been sitting in the 'to do' pile have now been completed.

Loving making this one, stay tuned...
So thank you ladies for a really great weekend.
For excellent food, conversation, music selections and of course company.
Check out Wendy's post here for more details on all the quilts she worked on.

A very big thanks to 'the guy who lives here' for making it possible - you are one in a million, and I am glad you are my one from the millions. xx


Little Munchkins said...

You accomplished so much there! I would love to see your Slip-on Suzie dress - I have many of those type of dresses so I have been eyeing that pattern,

quilary said...

Another sewing weekend...lucky, lucky you...and so much achieved! That Parson Grey quilt caught my eye too...I have it, or those fabrics, in mind as a quilt for my son for his 21st.

ARTwendy ... said...

here here! can hardly wait to see you in your finished cape!! loved Brianna's iron too ...

Cass said...

Wow Karen you did heaps. I too your love to see your dress the pattern looks good, how difficult was it

rachelmp said...

So lucky! You managed to get so much done too

Maryanne said...

This sounds like a lovely weekend. How did Suzie go? I would love to see a photo. I got my pattern in the mail on Monday and am looking forward to playing with it after my Full Circle is done.

Cath said...

Wow...sounds like a wonderful weekend! Looking fwd to seeing the finished cape...I know it sounds gushy but I seem to love everything you make for the girls and yourself! Nice taste luv! C xx

sophie said...

What a prolific sewing weekend! How fun!

willow and moo said...

Everything looks great. I love sewing weekends away with friends. :)