Tuesday 10 July 2012

Full Circle

I've been meaning to blog about this special upcoming exhibition for a while now and as time to get your entry together is ticking by - I thought I had better get onto it.

I have very cheekily pinched this from the Playful Market blog as I know Wendy will have all the details correct!!

as part of Ashburton Baptist Church's 
'Playful Market' 
on Saturday 28th July 
... we'd like to invite you to be part of a very exciting 
ARTY project 
for people of all ages, any skill level 
 & from any part of the world... 

 entry forms are ready to go
available from: abcplayfulmarket@gmail.com (or click the link below)
and be sure to include a stamped
self addressed envelope so we can return your art work
or you may decide that you'd like to donate your work for sale
you may enter "FULL CIRCLE" as many times as you'd like
open for all ages ... in fact we a strongly encourage you to involve children & teenagers!!
Please don't hesitate to ask about this adventure
... come on & join in! 

You can get an entry form here and check out a couple of other people's works in progress here and here.

Your entry can be painted, stitched, stencilled, photographed, displayed on a plate, a bike wheel, a circular canvas, in a hula hoop or an embroidery hoop - whatever you like when you interpret the theme of Full Circle.

You still have time - and it's a great thing to do with the kids so get onto it!

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ARTwendy ... said...

Awesome Karen ... thanks for doing this! Looking forward to seeing what you & the girls get up to with this!? ...