Wednesday 28 March 2012

Something for me

Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks...

Echino pink planes patchwork fabric from a few seasons back
With lots of great hints and tips on how to get a professional finish from Nikki, here it is, my new satchel bag.

The small kid strutting her stuff
As anyone with small kids knows, being able to have your hands free (to hold theirs at the lights) is a very handy thing - so an over the chest bag works best for me.

Ta Dot -a pop of colour is a bit of fun for the lining
This bag has an adjustable strap so when I am out pretending to be a grown-up I can shorten the strap so it is a shoulder bag.

Black stretch denim base and an adjustable black web strap
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
There are one or two things I would do differently, but that's just part of learning, and as this is my first 'real' bag I am more than pleased to figure some of those things out when I make the next bag.

Rectangular brass fittings from Nikki M
Even though Lara has made lots of bags, this was her first course with Nikki and she said she learned heaps.

She also said that it is a good idea to do a course at the start of your bag making career so you don't pick up bad habits you may have to correct later!

The same under the flap
I think a bag is a great gift.
Practical and 'pretty' at the same time.
Also you can really reflect the person and their essence in the style and colour of bag that you make.

Zip pocket for keys and a magnetic catch to keep it closed
I have plans for a few more later in the year.
I think Lara's idea of giving them as a gift to the teachers is a really great one that I might just 'adopt' - if she doesn't mind!

I did plan to put extra pockets in the lining of this one, but got all excited about nearly being finished and made up the lining forgetting all about them!

Nikki's bag making courses sell out quickly - so keep an eye on the schedule here or on her Facebook page.
Definitely money very well spent.


Miss G said...

I am loving this bag!! The size of it inspires me to fill it with lovely useful things! I will keep an eye out as I really need to do more sewing and I love bags… ticks all the boxes, really!

I have a couple of dresses that need "modernisation" and I have been putting it off in case I wreck them!

look forward to seeing your finished scarf! x Miss G

willow and moo said...

Great bag! :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Fantastic bag - loving those dots! :) You have done a really good job. Enjoy your new "accessory".

Nikki said...

Love ya work!!! :)

Tanya said...

Clever you, it's gorgeous, well done.

Anonymous said...

It's just beautiful. Nikki's patterns are THE best, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

I love this Karen. It looks very professional........I think I need to do a bag making course.

becanne said...

Love it. Are you game enough to use it when wearing your prints charming skirt?

I think I need to search out the pattern and hardware - I'm sure DH would be happy to use a non-girly version when we ave a family day out.

Cas said...

very professional karen, it looks awesome. i think i will defo give the course a go :)

Midge said...

It came up really well. Great choice of fabric. Makes me want to get mine finished.

ARTwendy ... said...

perfectly executed of course! i expect nothing less anymore! awesome job ... i'll bet you'll love using it!!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Love it - it's awesome.
That Nikki is a clever little chicken. I've not done a course (yet!)but have used a few of her patterns - they're like a little personal tutorial.
You'll get so much use out of it !!

Sally said...

That is SO gorgeous. I love love love it. Brilliant. Your choice of fabric is as always stunning. Lovely dovely.

Kylie said...

It looks great Karen - well done

Sewing your style... said...

It looks great! and NOT like handmade! Unbelievable, great work. I think I should attempt making one for myself as well :)
thanks for sharing!