Tuesday 6 March 2012

The big book list

There used to be a time when I spent considerable portion of each day happily ensconced in a book.

The" thirty minute each way daily train commute" was a little piece of heaven at the start and end of my day, and more than once a good book resulted in me missing my station and having to catch the train back a stop to where my car was parked.

Becky is keeping a reading list and it got me thinking that I should do the same - to encourage me to take the time to pick up a book here and there in my day.

In the last few years it seems Alison Lester and Stephen Michael King have been high on my reading rotation, and it's not that they are not fabulous authors - they are - it's just that reading things a little more age appropriate might be a nice change.

So here is the list to date:

The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The Retriever - Keith Schafferius and Grantlee Kieza

Not much to show I know.

Now it's off to bed for me to hopefully finish book number three, possibly my favourite so far depending on how it ends.


Jacinta said...

What a great idea. I don't read half as much as I should and the pile continues to grow... I am sure you have a pile waiting, but I can highly recommend "The Book Thief" as a great read - takes a few chapters to get into it, but then it's impossible to put it down.
Hmmmm... so what are you reading now?

Liz said...

Love a good book Karen, I don't read as much as I used to either but since I got my kindle I've gone back to reading everyday. I also listen to audio books on my iPhone while I'm quilting too...

Bronwyn said...

I love that image Karen - this is definitely how I feel sometimes - working in a library I pick up many many books that I bring home, just to end up drowning in titles, with piles by my bedside and on my tables and in my bags and and and!! I loved 'The Help'! Absolutely fascinating!

indigo midge said...

The Help is fantastastic. Just finished it for book group, and it got a very positive 4.5 out of 5 from the group. Just don't see the movie first.

AJ said...

I love a good reading list! Looking forward to watching yours grow!

Unknown said...

I'm keeping a reading list too - I try to read 50 books a year but I didn't quite make it in 2011!

Hopefully I will do better this year, at the very least I want to read more than I buy!