Wednesday 8 February 2012

New beginnings

It's been a big week here!

Two small girls commenced their formal education - they are now school girls, in grade prep as it is known in Victoria, and one smaller girl started pre-school or kindergarten as we call it.

Neat and tidy and ready to go!

It's meant it is a big week for the 'guy who lives here' and myself too.
Six years ago we made the decision that I would resign from my full-time employment and take up a permanent parenting position, in our home.

That means these three little people have been my focus for the past six years.
They've never been in childcare and in fact have rarely been out of the care of family,  ourselves in particular, as we don't have many close family members nearby.

In class waiting for it to all begin
While having one parent at home has meant we are not as 'far ahead' as other families might be, we felt it was the right decision for us.
We had waited a long time for these small people to come into our lives, at times wondering if we would ever experience the blessing of parenthood, so for us, having one parent stay at home to guide them was the right decision.

A bit of drawing to calm the nerves!
So it was with a sense  of trepidation, anxiousness, sadness and fear that I saw them off to school.
What if someone says something that hurts their feelings, what if they get scared, who will be watching out for them, who will hug them when they cry?

Don't get me wrong - amongst all those feelings I also feel sheer joy for them and all they will now experience - their little minds are so eager to learn and grow and I can't wait to see that happen.

It's just that having them attend school five days a week will leave quite a void in  my world.

In order to get them there we have made some big decisions faced by all parents of twins at some point, to separate or not to separate.
How to do the right thing by both girls - when you are not really sure what the right thing is.
But more on that another time...

In further change, this little lady now has two x 2.5 hour sessions of kinder each week and as a third sibling she is well and truly ready for it, the question is, am I?!

A very cheesy grin!
It's an exciting year ahead for us, lots of change.
I hope you stick around and 'ride the wave' with us.

At the end of day two - they love it!


Cindy said...

It's bittersweet, isn't it? My youngest will be starting kindergarten next year and I'm not quite sure what I will do with myself. It'll be the first time in 13 years that I haven't had a little one at home with me. btw, your girls are gorgeous and look quite excited for the start of school. I'm glad that they've had a great start and are enjoying it!

Liz said...

Aawwhh, tears in the eyes I can tell you Karen. I still remember doing the same thing with my four, then grandkids..!! I've been there for all their first days and it's wonderful, exciting and scary....and that's just the parents.. :o)
Good luck to all your girls this year, you'll soon learn to use the hours on your own for you I'm sure.

Midge said...

It is a big step, but girls all look so happy. Their joy of learning will open up so many opportunities for them, and you. Enjoy the ride.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Wow, it's a big thing for all, isn't it - kids and Mum's .. oh and maybe dad's.
Sharing that lost feeling here, too.
My Preppie who started on Monday said she was ready for Grade 1 on Tuesday,had had enough by Wednesday and left this morning with a few tears. To be honest I probably feel a bit the same.
Wise Mum's who have been before us tell me it will pass and we'll all find our place and enjoy it.
Hope you find yours and enjoy your 5 hours of mum time!