Sunday 26 February 2012

How to tell the child of a 'sewist'

Violet Trundle sewing with a Singer sewing machine at her home in Hughenden, ca. 1925

They say things like:

"The servers didn't say my dress was beautiful??!"

A comment Miss G made to me when we were out to dinner on Friday night.
Clearly she is used to being complimented on her outfit!

They feel and comment on the fabric or 'baterial' (two year old for material) of any item of clothing or fabric purchase brought  into the house, with much 'ooohing' and 'aaahing'!

You hear things like;
"I was just looking at your sewing thing Mum".
Said in reference to the ironing board...

And of course, reliving my favourite Mondegreeen - they incorporate sewing tools into song lyrics...
Sung to the tune of Beauty and the Beast

"Tailors Awl as time, true as it can be...."

(Tale as old as time in case you are wondering!)

There are many more instances of how familiar my girls are with sewing and how they assume everyone's mum can sew, these are just a few that spring to mind.

If you've had a funny crafting comment/moment of late with your children or partner - do share so we can all enjoy it.

Hope your weekend is going well.


rachelmp said...

So cute! I saw an email Ayden has sent out to his residence hall at Uni asking if anyone had a sewing machine he could borrow so he could make his mexican themed costume for O week. I love that he is happy to out himself as someone who can sew

ARTwendy ... said...

love it ... um no signs of wanting to sew too ... yet!

Belinda said...

Hehe, coming from a home with 2 parents who studied textiles, our kids have no chance of escaping 'fabric'.
Whenever I am sewing something, Layla will ask with a big smile of her face "Is it for ME?"
And when shopping for PJ's a couple of weeks ago (the kids only chance for licensed clothing) after choosing the PJ's Layla picked up a "Banana's" zip jacket, held it up to the PJ's and said, "No, it doesn't go!" So proud!
And James' latest 'thing' is telling me if a fabric is knitted or woven.

Becky said...

We had visitors yesterday and Possum proudly told them 'and my Mum just bought a NEW sewing machine!'

Nikki said...

Got a week or two...? ;)

I had a 16 month-old who could say "interfacing" and knew what it was for.

I had a barely-2 girl who double-took as she walked past a sewing machine sitting without it's bobbin case, and said "Oh! That machine don't got a bobbin in it!".

She now wanders around fabric shops, feeling fabrics and pointing out the silks, the cotton voiles, the denims.... She finds fabrics she likes and has suggestions for what she'd like to make with them. She wants to buy LOTS of fabric.

She loves duckbill scissors and her sewing machine is her favourite possession.

She is MY GIRL, alright!

sewmeafumberlant said...

One of my 3rd daughters first words (a couple of months ago) fab-wic! Conversation between my older two daughters this afternoon "we need curtains", "thats ok mummy can sew us curtains with all her fabric","mummy can you sew us curtains, now!". Yep we get those moments more often than i would have thought!

Anonymous said...

hehehe, I love the 'bacterials'!

Sally said...

My children just assume I can make anything and that I have all the time in the world... it is a high compliment!
I so enjoy reading what your girls say. You are so good at remembering it.

Rosie said...

My almost 3 yo is in awe of my sewing machines (both my old one and my new one) he calls them Flying machines and doesn't realise that isn't their real name. He walked up to some fabric left after I had cut out some shorts for him today and asked "Can I wear this now Mummy?" I told him he had to wait a little longer.