Wednesday 3 August 2011

A party for the princess

We had a small gathering of friends for some afternoon tea to end the celebration of Miss G's birthday.

Simple to make and cute to look, at these tea cups always go down a treat.
I used a piping bag with nozzle to get 'professional' looking frosting on these mini cupcakes, then got some edible glitter and cachous to make them sparkle!

Mini cupcakes mean less waste for the kids that just eat off the icing!
Instead of another cake I made large cupcakes with more edible glitter and Princess motifs on top - a shoe, a dress, a tiara, heart, flower and butterfly.

There was also fairy bread cut into the shape of a butterfly; strawberry,watermelon and marshmallow skewers and mini hot dogs (which always get eaten in a flash!)

Madam 'holding court' over her guests!
She insisted on wearing the white dress again so it underwent some more emergency repairs with the addition of a sash and flower - and a clip to match to make it presentable!

With a helping hand from Dad the candles were blown out in a flash.
I wonder what she wished for??


Tas said...

What a fabulous party. I'll be channeling pink and sparkly too next year as my youngest has her first real "own" party as a kindy girl. Can't wait!

Liz said...

So sweet, how wonderful to be three and the centre of attention..

Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful in that dress. No wonder she wants to wear it again - it is perfect!

ARTwendy ... said...

Gorgeous ... I know where to look when I need a pink fix!! xx

Little Munchkins said...

Looks like a small, intimate party - perfect! And she looks pretty wearing that dress.

sophie said...

That white dress is so special, gorgeous photos!