Tuesday 2 August 2011

All three over three!

To say time has flown since this small, happy person entered our lives is an understatement.

I guess we were so busy early on, with three kids under 2.5 yrs,  that the time skipped by.

A new leotard, made by Mama - "Just like my sisters' "
We've certainly not had terrible twos from you Miss G - I am hoping this doesn't mean we are in for a testing three-year-old year.

Her own unique way of showing three!
You adore your sisters and just want to be like them.

Apart from being tall, you are so grown-up in your speech and manner and behaviour we all often have to be reminded that you are still only small.

'Helping' make the birthday cake.
You are firm in your opinion, when your sisters tried to convince you to have a fairy or castle birthday cake you remained staunch, and a white rabbit was made.

From the old faithful Australian Women's Weekly Birthday cake book.
You are sweet and social and tell me often that I am 'boodiful'.
You are kind and thoughtful and share in way not many three year olds would.

When asked each night before dinner what you are thankful for, you often say "I thankful I having dinner wif all my family".

Rabbit girls and their cousins.
And to top it all off you, with your blonde curls and blue eyes really are as cute as a button.

The photo in the background on the left is Misses L and A the day they turned three!

Who could ask for more??

Not us!

Happy 3rd birthday lovely Miss G - we love you lots.


Cass said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous

Sheridan said...

Happy Birthday, Miss G! I will miss you being two! You are certainly growing up to be a 'boodiful' girl too.

Lyndel said...

Happy Birthday G.
Karen, she's gorgeous!! what a smile.

cherri said...

What a beautiful post - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last photo!

ARTwendy ... said...

Happy days ... enjoy ... Gorgeous ... Love the bunny!

rachelmp said...

Beautiful pics Karen and I hope your lovely 3 year old had a great birthday

Unknown said...

What a boodiful little girl. Don't you just wish you could hang onto your babies forever.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, Happy Birthday! Could she be any cuter in that leotard!!!
And that cake - all I can say is that my best friend Debbie (way back when I was 6 in grade 1) had that birthday cake and I have coveted it ever since. I LOVE that bunny!

sophie said...

She is so absolutely adorable - she has the cutest smile, what great photos!! Hooray for princess birthdays!

Gina said...

She really does look (and sound) so much older than three already. Beautiful post.

Sally said...

What an awesome girl! Fabulous cake. You are truly blessed with a gorgeous family.
Belated birthday wishes to the great Miss G. xoxox

Emily The Wholigan said...

I had that exact bunny cake when I turned 2! That's so amazing! (It's Emily McClelland, btw.)