Thursday 7 July 2011

Winter sewing???

I know that a few posts ago I was showing you a winter coat - made in wool - and now this??


I've mentioned before that my kids are part fish so regardless of the season we swim a lot, either indoors or out depending on the season.

The result is the bathers I made earlier in the year are completely worn out.
Repeated exposure to chlorine or even salt-water pools will do that.

So with a pool party looming last Sunday, I made these up on Saturday night.

The fabric is some of the lovely lycra I picked up on the Sew It Together shopping trip In March.
While there I also got some swimwear elastic - so that's what I used in the knicker legs and waist this time.

The top is the Brooklyn Tank from the book Sewing clothes Kids love - fabulous book!
I'll definitely make more of these tanks for summer - cute and easy.

And the pants are again the bottom half of the leotard pattern from Ottobre 1/2007 pattern 29 or 30.

This time around I cut each pattern piece twice from the fabric, then I placed the matching pieces wrong sides together and basted them around the outside before then following the pattern instructions and sewing the two pieces as though they were one, effectively lining the suit in the same material as the outside.

I would have used a coordinating lining or nude if I had it on hand - but I didn't.

The result - a much more stable and strong bathing suit. It won't go see through easily - it holds its shape well and it hangs nicely due to the extra weight of the fabric.
All round a far nicer result.


Unknown said...

That looks lovely. Do you remember which shop you bought the lycra from? Do they have an on-line store? It's so hard to get nice swim-wear fabric.

Cass said...

Love them I might have to commission you to make some for me. Oops not me personally my kids

ARTwendy ... said...

so sewn such a sweet sassy swimsuit super-mum ... thanks for sharing xx

Little Munchkins said...

That is seriously cute and adorable!

Mel said...