Saturday 1 May 2010

Going quackers

At the ripe old age of 'not-quite-two' the smallest in the house is having a love affair.
With ducks.

So when I saw Sally's very sweet ducky PJ's I couldn't resist the urge to make some for the little one, despite the fact that she has hand-me-downs from her two older sisters.

The look on her little face and the loud exclaimations of "DUCK" heard around the house when she saw them made it well worth the little effort involved.

I used the lovely O+S bedtime story PJ pattern but am yet to make the top, in the meantime I did a quick applique on an existing shirt.

This also reminds me to express long-overdue thanks for another lovely duck that arrived in my letter box, a very long time ago from the lovely Kate.

I mentioned to Kate that I wanted to get a duck shirt for the duck-mad one and she sent me not only a duck shirt but a mushroom singlet and some cup cakes ones as well , all wrapped up in a fabulous 70s cafe-style kitchen curtain.

(Photo from Kate's blog)

I planned to wait and thank Kate using a picture of said shirt, but I'm unable to show you the actual shirt because despite now being slightly snug on her rather round little belly, the duck literally goes from the wash onto the child, back to the wash, back onto the child.

You get the picture.

And each time it emerges from the washing basket a shout of 'duuuuuck' echoes through the house.

So thanks Kate, sorry this is so belated but I can't tell you how much your shirts are appreciated, and I think soon duck might migrate to a new larger shirt.


Sally said...

O those PJs are so cute!!! Lovely! So glad that she is super chuffed with them.

Unknown said...

My kids like ducks too. It's nice to have something new - I am sure your littlest one loves it.

Sarah-Jo said...

Oh quacking goodness love those jim jams!

I actually got given some duck fabric a couple of weeks ago I put it aside as I didnt know what to make with it...perhaps some jammies are in order?

love those shorts too Kate's goodies are most excellent arent they!

Charity said...

It's too funny what they latch on to at this age, isn't it! The ducks are so sweet, it's so wonderful when one of your creations is loved that much! :o)

cherri said...

Karen they are beautiful!

Little Munchkins said...

The duck PJs are so cute! Perfect for a duck-loving little girl.

DD gets hand-me-down PJs from DS, so she has to wear those boyish ones. Not that she minds. So far I have bought her one pair which is pink, and the other pair I made for her. Otherwise, the poor girl is going to have to wear more of the Thomas ones!

Ruby Girl said...

Oh they are so cute.

Kate said...

LOVE those ducky pj's and you are so welcome. I am thrilled that the duck has been loved so much by your little duck lover. Now that's the reason we love making things so much isn't it.
Looking at that photo I am so pleased I replaced that camera. It almost looks like its under water.That's what a tropical holiday will do.

Unknown said...

Very cute PJs and how nice of Kate for the gifts. Is there anything that amazing woman can't do? xo m.

june at noon said...

So very cute, and looking quite cozy. Love the use of applique to make up a shirt. Duuuck!