Thursday 29 April 2010

My Creative Space

This week I am back at the machine with a vengeance!

Kate has been inspiring me with her versions of the Dortje pants.
So I grabbed some cord and poplin and have set to work to make some pants for kinder.

Yep - they are kinda bright - but I think that clothes for play should be fun and colourful as well as comfortable and practical.

I don't believe in children being dressed as miniature adults - there's plenty of time for that later in their lives.

Now is the time for them to embrace being bold, bright and full of fun.
That's my philosophy anyway.

With regard to the same/same look of the pants - don't blame me - the girls picked the colours themselves.
That said - it makes it a much faster process when the same colour overlocker and top-stitching cotton can be used!
There is method to their madness after all.

I also want to tackle a few Insa skirts and Imke tops from this fabulous book, which is where the pants pattern is from.

But they might be a while away, so don't hold your breath waiting!

Go on over and visit some of the creative spaces on Kirsty's huge list of players.

There's sure to be something there for everyone!


Tanya said...

I am so with you about there being plenty of time to dress like grown ups when they are grown ups. Great pants. I have ordered that book from the library, can't wait!

Leonie Guld said...

I have just ordered that book. I can't wait to start playing!! I hope its EASY

Becky said...

I think I want that book! Great pants for your girls :)

thornberry said...

I think that I should just succumb and buy a copy of that book! The pants look terrific. I'm with you on embracing colour.

bec said...

I've done a similar post about the pants, they are awesome! Great book, isn't it? Love your fabrics- are they Spotlight by any chance? Because I want some! Think I saw them there, that's all. And yay for kids being kids- mine wants to dye her hair and she's 6!! Next it will be body piercing at 8!
PS Everyone, best $20 I've spent that book!

Kate said...

They are looking great so far! I love that purple floral and I love it when kids dress like kids too.

Pilgrim Lee said...

oh my!!! i think i want pants like that! they are SO cool.. and that purple floral fabric is AMAZING! who is it by/from?

My Handmadehappiness said...

i have put this book on my wish list now i lust for it more!!!!

Sally said...

Ooo... I'm hanging to order that book. Does your addition have the tissue or paper pattern???

Love the fabric choices - your girls have great taste.

mummymadesigns said...

Im 4th in line to get this book which is reserved by 4 other people at the library ! it looks worth it, love the pants

ROROISM said...

amazing colors - i's wear them ;-)

Tania said...

OOH! I love yours! Mine went horribly wrong when I forgot to add a seam allowance. Still, it's not exactly been a cruisy sort of week!

Kirsty said...

Simply fabulous kinder duds.

Leah said...

ha ha I brought a copy after seeing Kates efforts too. Love the fabric you have chosen. I think I may head out to spotlight for some cord.