Saturday 5 December 2009

Something for me

In among the Christmas crafting I volunteered for a friend at her local church to run a couple of crafty activities for people who were there attending a craft market.

We made fabric flower brooches and a few people also made stencilled/painted T-shirts as gifts.

It was lots of fun and got quite busy as people wearing their flowers made their way around the market, others saw them and came to make one for themselves.

I love it when someone who doesn't consider themselves capable of making something sits down and finds they can, and walks off proudly wearing their efforts.

I even managed to steal away for a minute or two and check out a few of the stalls, and make a little purchase just for me (for a change!).

Given my well known addiction to all-things-babushka there was no way this little lady was not coming home with me.

I've been looking for a brooch to wear with this plain white shirt and my new little friend is perfect.

She was made by Sarah - check out her blog for details of the market she will be at in Carlton this Monday.

Thanks Sarah - she's just what I needed, and my girls are already eyeing her off!


Gina said...

How lovely... I do love a good brooch, it's just the thing to brighten your shirt and make you smile when you glmpse it. Glad to see you bought a little something for yourself.

Nikki said...

Something for you? Thanks for the reminder Karen! I can see why you couldn't leave that little lady behind.

Sarah Hinds said...

hi karen,
i saw your comment a couple of weeks back but i havent had time to reply. thanks for your little plug. my little babushka looks very cute on your white tee. very pleased you like her.
take care, sarah