Wednesday 2 December 2009

Carried away

The Christmas crafting has been running hot here as we make our way into December (aaahhhh!!).

I'm pretty happy with these ones though I must say - mostly because I know they will be really well received.

Ages ago on Omi Creates I saw the doll carrier Naomi made for her daughter and knew my two would love them.
Of course it was a lovely vintage pattern that was no longer in print, and so I forgot about it for a while until I found this book in the library, complete with doll carrier and instructions to make one.

So I took the basic dimensions supplied and added a few of my own touches along the way, to end up with these two carriers.

The things I changed were as follow:
  • Cut the leg holes in a curved shape.
  • Added trim to the main body of both carriers before ironing all pieces onto pellon (rather than stuffing it as instructed), for extra padding.
  • Used my super-duper snap press to make the straps adjustable with three snaps spaced along the end of the straps.
  • And I top-stitched all the straps and the body of the two carriers just because I like the way this finishes things.
I'm yet to see if it fits them properly as I can't exactly try it on anyone, given that Santa will be bringing the gift.

In future I may modify it further to make the piece that sits in front of the doll a little higher, and maybe curve the edge. I'm hoping the dolls are not going to be too top-heavy and topple out.
Only time will tell.

Charity has also been making things from this book. Check out her very sweet doll/teddy swing.
I think this might wait til the new year and I will make one with the girls.


Becky said...

Your girls are going to have so much fun with those!!

AJ said...

So cute!! I love them! I think my nieces will need a few for birthdays in the future...too close to Christmas to start now!

Unknown said...

They look lovely. I am sure your girls will love them.

Nikki said...

They look better than the ones in the book Karen (which I now own - thankyou!). I love the changes you made and the use of your fancy-pants-if-not-ridiculously-large snap machine (which I also now own - thankyou again!).

I am very impressed at your restrain. I bet you are desperate to give them to the girls.

Charity said...

So sweet - these will be a big hit, for sure! :o)

Amanda said...

The are gorgeous! Great job :)
My only thing to say is, don't let Santa give them to them, why should he get all the glory! Tell them Mummy made them with love xo I bet they will love them even more

Andrea said...

WOW Karen, you should be so pround, your girks are going to absolutely love them, I know Ellyse would.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour , I would love to make this carrier and have a request ( feel free to refuse): Would u accept sending me pattern and
instructions? I've just asked a friend from Australia if she had it, otherwise I can order from Amazon here in Europe bt will not get it soon enough.
I will definitely buy it, looks really interesting, I'll be in Australie in Feb but that cannot wait !
a bientot
le poulailler de steclema

Leah said...

Those a so freaking adorable! Hours of fun.

Corrie said...

oh they are so cute!!!!!!! love the kitties/titties comment! too funny!


Sylvia said...
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Emily said...

Oh I LOVE these! You will have to post a pic of the little ladies wearing them!!

naomi said...

Karen, these are fantastic!! Love the trim. Your girls will love these too. It's nice to see you making lots of beautiful handmade gifts for your children. I think mine will be lucky to get one handmade thing each this Christmas. Wish I had more time!