Monday 19 October 2009

I see red

The latest Make It Perfect test pattern.
All I can say is watch out wolf!

PS - if anyone knows where I can buy a few metres/yards of the fabric on this button I'd love to know!


Sew Fi said...

Have you tried the Sewn website? - There is a fabric search facility here which networks with fabric stores in the US and Australia.

Kylie said...

Looking forward to seeing the release of this pattern:) Love the button by the way - is it one of LouLou's

Cass said...

Looks great Karen. I've tried looking everywhere for that fabric but no luck.

Miss Silver Spoon Vintage said...

You could ask Lou over at Buttons by LouLou, she using this fabric alot for her buttons (is this one of hers?). Looks great by the way, love the red!