Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tuesday Tip

I thought I'd join in Carmel's Tuesday Tip because I like to see what handy tips others have up their sleeves, it's always the best way to learn something new.

Today is about sharing your favourite crafty tip.

Of course mine is sewing related and to do with my overlocker.

How do you finish off threads on the overlocker to prevent them unravelling?
At a course I went to the instructor showed us that when you look at a chain of overlocking thread after you have sewn the seam, there are two relatively straight threads through the centre of the chain. These are the needle threads.
(shown here in white)

Use tweezers or a pin to pull these threads out and the other two threads (from the upper and lower loopers) will simply untangle.
Now you can easily take two threads in each hand and knot them together a few times before cutting the thread off (or sewing them back into the seam as Kylie suggests).

Sounds a little complicated but it's really not and makes finishing so simple.

I hope my dodgy photo's help explain what am talking about.
Head on over to Carmel's blog to join in and share your wisdom.


Kylie said...

Great tip - my mum taught me this one years ago - DH thinks that I go to extremes as I always then thread the thread back through the overlocked section after knotting it - but he does say that I do a neat job. Off to go and see who else is playing along:)

cherri said...

Great tip Karen.

Mark said...

Thanks for that I was wondering how to do it.

Mrs Button said...

Ooo. I like that tip. Thanks. Lisa.

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

Thank You Mrs! Now all i need is one of those overlocker wonder gizmo's....Come on Christmas, come on Christams! Peta