Friday 30 October 2009

I say, I hear

It's not been so much about what I have been saying this week as what I have been hearing - there have been a few corkers, often relating to height.

(Photo credit)

I hear...

When I grow up if I would be as tall as Daddy I would be a giant! But that's OK, girls are allowed to be giants too.

Mum why do you wear a bra on your ankle to basketball?
I think you mean 'brace' honey!

Me: On Tuesday Daddy doesn't have to go to work because a horse race called the Melbourne Cup is on, so he gets the day off.

L: Can I ride one of the horses too?

Me: Oh no honey we don't ride the horses, we get to watch the race.

L: Just Daddy then.

(She seems not to have noticed her dad is 195cm tall (6 feet, 5 inches!) - hardly jockey material.

The man of the house made a quick trip to Surfers Paradise this week (Yes poor him having to swim in the warmth and get room service!). This one was on his return.

Dad did you see lots of queens in Queensland?

Mum after quiet time, will there be loud time??

I say...

All the usual things really;

G don't put your toe in your eye ( but oh to have the flexibility to do that!)

Don't lick the Bluetack honey.

Ah no, it's not OK to play with the cymbals during quiet time.


Sally said...

That made me chuckle - thanks :)

Miss Amy said...

Ahhh I love it! Especially the "after quiet time, will there be loud time?" lmao!!!

Ruths classic this week was "mum... that boy over there is really beautiful and spunky..." (she was talking about the picture of a man on the side of the tyre shop) Oh well at least shes watching out for my love life!!

Cass said...

It's never ok to play the cymbals (is that how you spell it??)our house!

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

Thank you for the giggle... This wee my small girl (who is 4) said and I quote "Daddy are you thinking what I am thinking?,
Daddy replies ' I don't know? what do you think that i am thinking?
Small girl says " I think you are thinking that I should have one of those chocolate cupcakes up there on the table" !!!! I love the things the kids says, this one is definitely for the diary. Cheers Peta

Nikki said...

Isn't it funny when you catch yourself saying something which would sound utterly ridiculous if it were not to a small person...? I love that you record both the heard and the said things from your kids' childhood.

Becky said...

I love these gems that come from the small ones. What a great idea to record them like this.