Sunday 29 March 2009

A big tidy up

It's been coming for a long time.

It had reached the point where the fabric, patterns, interfacing, scissors and various other bits and pieces had started to seep out from the sewing room across the floor and were threatening to take over other parts of the house.

So I labelled, boxed, rolled, folded and filed, and now it's all spick and span.

As strange as it sounds, I find it much easier to think in there now.
Of course I unearthed a few WIP's I had forgotten about and am now suffering crafters guilt over them. (I bought all that stuff for that thing I HAD to make and it never got done. Should I shelve it now or finish it?? Is it useful, will it still fit, do I even still like it???)

I wish I could say I have one of those amazing spaces like Heather Bailey or Paula Prass, a 'studio' , but I don't.
Things don't quite match and there are a number of shoe boxes serving functional purposes, but I am extremely lucky to have a room that is entirely dedicated to my hobby.
And for this I am very grateful.
In the interests of giving you the entire picture - these are the boxes on top of the shelving - another WIP you could say.

It also means that the room is neat enough for me to show you the other part of my birthday present from my mum, aside from the fabric I showed you way back here.

Despite the money you spend on buying a quality overlocker and/or sewing machine they come with super-cheap and flimsy plastic covers.

So mum took the time and put in the effort to make me these fabulous patchworked covers for both my sewing machine and overlocker.

I have never done any quilting at all and so can only imagine how long it took to make these with the different panels and sides and of course they are fully lined as well.

Not only do they protect my machines from dust and dirt they also keep out curious little fingers. I can now tell when they have been there, they usually leave one of the edges pushed up!

Thanks Mum, they're great and I love them.

One day soon I will repay the favour and make you something requiring a little more time than just a pincushion!


Susan said...

It looks great! What an amazing sewing room space. Susan

Miss Silver Spoon Vintage said...

Lucky you to have all that room and be so organised. Lovely sewing space, I wish I could get that organised!

Cass said...

Karen I love those covers. I had a bit of a tidy up too on the weekend. It does make you feel much better

Charity said...

Everything feels better when places are clean and organized, eh? Looks great! :o)

Miss Amy said...

Wow! I am completely jealous of your sewing room lucky lady!

It looks lovely and organised now!

Amanda W said...

OMG I want to play in your sewing room - it looks fantastic!!!!

Ellieboo said...

Do you fancy popping over and making my place spic and span too - it sure could do with your magic touch!

Hei Lo's Creation said...

Your sewing room is so tidy and you have so many fabrics! I would love to play in that sewing room.

Muriel said...

I think you should just call your room your studio. It looks great with all those neat piles of fabric!

Corrie said...

can we swap or do you want to do my room!!!!!!!!!!! mine is a tip at the stuff just gets dumped on the bookcase and fabric is everywhere! my student lives in one room and the annexe to the room is my craft room and it needs a good clean up when he goes!

can I ask how long it took....


Nikki said...

Hey, can you come over to MY studio and sort out my fabric mountain? Yes - I do have a real "studio" but it isn't a thing like Heather Bailey's.

Kelly Casanova said...

I'm so jealous, your sewing room looks like a sewing store!! I'll aspire to have the same one of these days....