Wednesday 17 December 2008

Totally Tote-able

More Chrissie presents, this time for my two nieces and nephew.
They spend a lot of time at the beach over summer so even if they have a beach towel I am sure a new one will come in handy.

These were made using the tote-able towel tutorial by Anna-Maria Horner.

It's a great pattern, quick and easy but I think, really useful.

The idea is that when unrolled the towel looks like a regular beach towel, but with a fabric panel and small strap at the top and a larger strap which is on the back of the towel.

Then you fold in the sides, fold up the bottom and roll it up.

Then slip the long strap through the short one and voila, you have a rolled towel that you can carry like a bag on your shoulder.

Ideal for ensuring the kids carry all their own stuff home from the beach.

With a slightly shorter strap it would work really well for my two as well.
(check out the hand on my model!!)

Might have to add that to the list - for post-Christmas perhaps!

I've alse been trying my hand at fabric painting.

Inspired by Lisa (who is a bit of a whiz at it and so enthusiastic that it makes you want to try), I went out and got myself some Reynolds freezer paper and some fabric paints.

This was my first attempt. I was pretty happy with it though I might use a small roller in future rather than a brush for a smoother and more even effect.


Little Munchkins said...

Love those towels! I am sure they will be well received. I had a chuckle at your model's hand too.

Andrea said...

They are great Karen, funnily enough I was thinking of that tute today as Myer had 30 % off towels and I thought I could do some for my niece and nephew.

Love the phone top, for someone who loves to chat??

Cass said...

Love the towels Karen. Also great stencilling, I really have to try it

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Ohhhh, I love the bags/towels karen. They are fantastic...The shirt is great too.

Susan said...

Love these. I've bookmarked the tutorial to make some for birthday/Christmas next year. Just perfect for my nephews who are always hard to buy/make for.

Charity said...

What a great idea! I'll have to remember these when our summer comes - it's -30C today, and it feels like summer will never return! :0)

Ellieboo said...

Top idea - I want me one of those towels. Love your stencilling too - oooh makes me want to get back to my stencil stash and make something new.

ellie said...

My nephew loves his phone shirt. And, yes - he does love to chat!
Thank you.

(Waiting for birthday time, until my daughter gets her little outfit from your giveaway - but it's so sweet. I'll let you know when I have photos of it up on my blog).