Sunday 21 December 2008

Crazy Christmas Crafting

If I got as much crafting done all year round as I do just before Christmas, I'd be able to generate enough stock for that much dreamed of market stall.

Though my lovely husband would probably leave me...

With three kids under three to care foron my own...

So then I'd get no crafting done at all...

I'll be finished with this madness soon... I promise!
That said I love every minute I spend at the sewing machine making presents and if I had the luxury of a full-time housekeeper/cook (or was happy to live in utter squalor), I'd sew the days away.

There are lots of pics to follow, so take a deep breath and dive on in!

First some stencilling
I'm loving doing these and have been learning lots of new things;

Like make sure you don't use the steam setting on your iron or the freezer paper won't stick and your image will bleed at the edges.
(aaah - thanks Hoppo Bumpo)

And the tip from Lisa to put a piece of cardboard between the layers to absorb the paint and then switch that for wax paper as it dries.

This is for my trumpet-playing 9 y.o nephew

These for my friend's 2 y.o son

and this for his 4 y.o sister

These are the Pink Fig tops I have been making, have I mentioned how much I love this pattern? Yeah I thought I had!

I made these two for friends and loved them so much I repeated the colour combos; for one for Misses L and G.

This is Miss A's - the yellow lover.

This was for a friend who saw the original one I made Miss L and loved it. No more of that fabric left unfortunately - but I will be trying to get somemore - maybe in the bluish colourway as well as I love it for this shirt.

Here's Miss G in her new shirt - and wearing jeans just like the big girls.
Thanks again Cass for the floral fabric in G's shirt, I love it It is some of what you sent me as part of the big Bulldogs vs Swans bet (just had to mention it one more time didn't I!).

And lastly another caped-T - in the reverse colour-combo to the first one.

OK - breathe out now, I'm done.
For the moment.


Little Munchkins said...

Well done Karen! You got loads done lately for sure.

Love those Pink Fig tops too. I do mine with the shirring at the waist but not at the chest and it also looks cute.

lolliegirl said...

Lots of great work there! I love the stenciling. I'm going to give it a go one day.. You have got lots of lovely fabric combinations happening too.

Tracy said...

Beautiful tops/dress. I love the stenciling. Wow 3 under 3 you are a busy woman. I had 3 under 3. Now I have 6 under 11. I slowed down popping them out! My crafting is my sanity saver.

fallen~from~grace said...

Wow Karen, you've been one busy crafting mama! Those Pink Fig tops are just adorable! I think I need to get myself that pattern!!!

Well done on the stencilling too, it's addictive isn't it. I have found now that I have started I am constantly looking at pictures thinking " Hmmm will that look good on a shirt?"


Suz said...

Great work, Karen. I agree, the stencilling is addictive! I'm hooked too.

Charity said...

Wow, you've been so busy, making such wonderful things!! And look at that happy, smiling baby face - she's more beautiful than ever. :0)

Bek said...

Love your work! You have been busy! I'm keen to give stenciling a go too. Your T-shirts look fabulous, and those pink fig shirts are really sweet.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Wow Karen - they are fantastic. You are so clever. You should be proud. Everything looks amazing. And Miss G is looking super cute.

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

I'm really loving your stencils and your cape tees! Gorgeous.

Lily Mulholland said...

Crazy busy for sure! Love the girly tops you've been making :)

Andrea said...

Love it all Karen, you have been a busy lady! I especially love the Pink Fig tops and the scooter Tee. I might just have to give this stenciling a go.

Cass said...

Karen you have been so busy. I love those stencilled tshirts I really must give it a go. And I can't believe Miss G and how big she is looking and how they all look so alike. Glad you like the fabric.