Tuesday 9 December 2008

How many days????

It's the time of year when everyone is on the go, and whenever I hear how many days it is til Christmas I have a little freak-out!

16 days to go - Aaaahhhhh!

In more pressing matters, I need to turn these three into finished tops like these ones ready to be given to friends tomorrow morning.

... then I need to get the hammer out and finish this item.

Once that's done I can move on to turning this fabric and pattern into a hat, for another Christmas gift!

The carol should be 'tis the season to be busy!


Charity said...

I agree! It feels like there is so much TO DO on my list! :0)

Anonymous said...

Is the second picture a superhero shirt/cape? All the projects look wonderful!

Anna Q said...

Do you have any tips for snaps? I've yet to attach a snap successfully.