Wednesday 29 October 2008

Pretty and practical

There are some things you sew because you want to and others that you do out of necessity.

The first category are the ones where you end up loving the result and the others are usually serviceable, and often loved by the recipients but nothing that you get too excited about.
Here's some of both.

First the pretty;

Tops made from the Pink Fig 'Olivia' pattern which I picked up from Crafty Mama's along with the gorgeous Portabello Pixie patterns that I can't wait to start on.

On this top, the red fabric was bought back from OS by a friend of mine, the dots are Lecien given to me by Corrie in her last destashing when she moved house!

This one is made from Sandi Henderson Ginger tiles in avocado that I got from the Humming Mini girls, and the pink gingham was given to me by my mum recently.

Every girl needs matching hair accessories so I put together some covered button hairclips.

One of the girls at playgroup where we went this morning told me that she pays $8 for these at the likes of Seed!!!!

Then there's the practical;
On a few recent warm nights I tried hard to convince my two eldest (the baby will still wear what I make her for a while yet!!) that flanelette PJ's were really too warm for bedtime, but to no avail.

So I thought if I make them something new it will be exciting to wear and guess what - success!
Each made in the appropriate child's favourite colour. How many other people have a 2 year-old girl who loves yellow???

I made these up using the New Look 6641 pattern - basic sleepwear. I just added the puffed sleeve and appliqued letter on the front to make them a little more interesting.

I have to say they were super-quick and easy to sew, and while not exciting to me the girls love them and suggsted I make one for their grandfather!


Andrea said...

Great job Karen, they all look fantastic. I don't think the colour yellow ever registars on E's radar, she is a pink girl through and through.

Little Munchkins said...

Those PF tops look great. I will blog mine when I finally take a pic but I love how different a top can look using different fabrics.

LOL at the grandfather nighties! Go on Karen, sew him one :p

Cass said...

Karen, those tops are great, I love the fabrics you used. The nighties are good too

Kylie said...

Love the tops - might have to add a nightie onto the list for Amelia they look great and glad that the girls approved. The hair clips look fab - I could not believe the price of them the other week when Amelia wanted some rainbow coloured ones.

Anonymous said...

Oooh yes, pretty and practical! And thanks for sharing those links in your previous post - OMG I am drooling at all that fabric and those trims!!!