Monday 24 November 2008

Gifting season

The season of gifting is upon us again and for me it starts with a few pre-Christmas birthdays.

This little skirt was part of a gift that also included the tiered Grand Revival skirt I blogged here, and a matching appliqued T that I didn't take a pic of.

It's a super-simple pattern by Kwik Sew - 3055; and is a straight-fronted, elastic-backed skirt.
I decided to make the waist adjustable and picked up some button-hole elastic to do it with.

It was easy to do - just make a button hole on the front piece of the skirt close to the side seams, prior to turning over the waistband.
Then sew a button in front of the button hole, thread the elastic through the waist and hook onto the buttons.

That way you can pull more elastic through to make it tighter or set to a looser fit just by playing around with the elastic.

In doing this I hope that the little girl it is for will get a little more wear out of it.

There are a few more on the cutting table getting read for Christmas.


Little Munchkins said...

I love it Karen. I wish I had bought some of that apple fabric too. Love the idea of buttonhole elastic for the waist.

Natalie said...

That's so cute!!! I haven't tried button hole elastic yet.

Cass said...

Karen I love it too and I haven't tried that elastic yet either

Suz said...

What a cool skirt! And that's a great idea using the buttonhole elastic. Perfect for gifts when you're unsure of sizing.

Suz said...
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Kelly said...

Love the skirt! I am sure the recipient will love it too! Great idea about the buttonhole elastic. I have some in my stash but have been too scared to use it!

Andrea said...

Great skirt Karen, I have always wanted to do a flat front, elastic back skirt, now I know a good pattern.

Corrie said...

so cute...I recognised that fabric! I haven't been by your blog for a long time and now I need to catch up!

everyone is growing fast!

Sue said...

Ahhh wish I had seen your post before I finished DS' shorts, I was having a real dilemma trying to figure out how to make the elastic adjustable, oh well thanks for posting - now I will try that for the next pair :)
I have a heap of pants from pumpkin patch with these type of waist bands and never thought to do that *duh*


Lily Mulholland said...

You just reminded me that I have some of that button hole elastic! Whoops!

Tracy said...

Love the skirt!

Ellieboo said...

What a lovely blog you have - came here from Hoppo Bumpo. How do you manage to make so much cool stuff and look after 3 littlees - I feel I need to lift my game somewhat :) Looking forward to reading more

Anonymous said...

I too have come across from Hoppo and am looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and reading through some of your old posts. I've stuck you on my blogroll so I'll be back for more.

Love your skirt! The flat front is a great idea to showcase a fabric pattern.

Cheers, Lynda

Bek said...

Hi there, I came here through dear molly as you mentioned you had a ottobre subscription and I am expecting one for Christmas.(yay!)

I love this skirt, and have enjoyed reading through your blog. I am fairly new to sewing so it's good to get some inspiration from those who have so much talent.