Thursday 17 January 2008

Rested and happy

That's how I'm feeling after an unplanned break away from, or rather limited time at my sewing machine since Christmas.

I did get a stack of Christmas crafting done including pencil rolls, appliqued T's, twirly skirts, hairclips and shorts. Bua alas - most of them were wrapped as quickly as they were finished.

Here's one little set (which also had some frilly knickers with it) for a friend's baby girl.

While lots was done I didn't do as much as I hoped to because.....

Baby number three is on its way!!!

Due to arrive July 21st. The tiredness and nausea put paid to my late night sewing plans so we had to buy one or two more gifts than planned. But thats fine by me!

As the girls will be 2yrs 4 mths old when the new baby arrives life is going to get interesting!

So, from now on, I need to keep my plans modest and achieveable.

I want to make two dresses from Ottobre 01/08 using this pattern

..... and this fabric and ribbon

One event that I want to report on, if only to make it clear that I didn't do it, is the 'shiner' one of my 'babies' is sporting.

The girls are very into hugging each other (super-cute I must say!) but sometimes they do it with such gusto they topple over.

One such incident yesterday resulted in Miss A's forehead hitting Miss L's cheek, which by this afternoon had turned into a lovely deep purple coloured eye!

Tough Love!

Excuse the fact that my baby is eating chalk in this photo!


Nicola said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again Karen! You will be one busy mumma. I love the fabric you used on the little baby set, what a sweet gift.
And I also love that ottobre dress. It is really tempting me to finally get my hands on a copy of the mag.

tigerfilly said...

I love that dress too Karen. Glanourpuss was quite excited it even goes up to her size. Your girls are sooo cute.