Thursday 13 December 2007

Christmas cheer!

I participated in my first ever swap with the lovely girls from the EB sewing group and was sent a very generous Christmas gift by Natalie, it left me hoping my swapee didn't feel too ripped off as I didn't include as many lovely items as this!!!

Natalie has made us some wonderful Christmas bunting which was intended for our deck but it's so lovely I don't think I can bring myself to put it outside - so it's going to go up in the lounge where our tree is.

She also sent three vintage little girls dress patterns, a book filled with festive chocolate recipes (which my husband claimed for himself!) and two huge pieces of fabric that I can see becoming skirts and dresses for the girls.

Thanks so much Natalie for making our Wednesday so much brighter.

I sent off a package to the lovely TigerFilly which had four little peg reindeer (you were right girls, about the reindeer and the sticky fingers!), Christmas bunting in her favourite colours of crimson and snow white with a gingham binding with 'Peace', 'Love' and 'Joy' written on it and two little bundles of ric rack.

PS - please excuse the colour of these pics - I took them at night before sending the parcel off the next day.


tigerfilly said...

How lovely - you sent bunting and got bunting! Thank-you for mine, I love it!

Cass said...

Love what you made Karen and what you received from Natalie

Little Munchkins said...

I think you made buntings with the words Peace, Love and Joy (not Hope) LOL.

I think what you made and what you received were great!

Kylie said...

See - I so knew that sticky fingers were involved. Love the bunting that you received and made - love, love it all

Unknown said...

What lovely things ! Bunting must the decoration for 2007!

Heids said...

Bunting is definitely the in thing - love the idea of the words on it.

Lily Mulholland said...

Wonderful :)

Great minds think alike!