Friday 9 November 2007

Super Snailblazer!

There's only one thing better than going to get the mail and finding no bills, and that's finding a special parcel with only loveliness inside waiting for you!

As part of the Pay It Forward exchange seen on Summer Pickles' blog, who in turn saw it on Kwoozy, the lovely Cass of Snailblazer has sent me a special parcel filled with goodies.

There's my very own wonderful tote bag made in fabulous fabric,
... some gorgeous bobby pin clips for the girls (mmm Mummy likes them too...) and a magnet of everyone's favourite rabbit, the cheeky Peter.

Thanks Cass!! You're ace!

I was so excited I accidentally threw my other mail in the bin with the wrappings from Cass's!

Now those I drew out for my Pay It Forward gifts, don't despair - I haven't forgotten you, I promise, before Santa arrives your little somethings will too.


Helen said...

Lovely bag as always Cass! You are such a sweetie! Fantastic mail Karen! :)

Heids said...

Gorgeous!!! Lucky you Karen.

Cass said...

Karen so glad you liked it. I was actually going to make it reversible, put the magnetic closure in and then realised what I had done "duh". The outside fabric is one of the Japanese ones from SL so I thought of you immediately

Bianca said...

That looks so're very lucky...a great bag

Leah said...

Cass - you're on fire girl!
Beautiful pressies there.