Thursday 8 November 2007

I've got you my little pretty!!!

What was it I posted previously about a self-imposed fabric ban???

Ummm, well, it's just that I said that before Retro Mummy got in this deliciously irresistible Cosmo "Wizard of Oz" print, in two colours!

What can I say - I love Dorothy and her friends... I think there's still some available if it takes your fancy too!


Corrie said...

oh don't you love it! it makes the most gorgeous little library bags and is sturdy enough it doesn't need lining! so glad you love it and I didn't realise it was you or i would have put some freebies in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corrie:)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh hello, i'm just about to pick up another haul of Retro Mummy fabrics from the PO. I have Wizard in pink, red & green, so i'm delighted to see Corrie has those colours too!! It's sooo beautiful, quirky & all round lovely, just like Corrie.
Thanks for your suggestions, sorry to keep you up, but if it's any empathy - i dream about fabric & wake up with patchwork patterns in my eyes, seriously!! I do beach bags, just temporarily off the site, as i've had trouble sourcing the right eyelets, as i do the straps in rope, very nautical & fun. Yes, i am left with all the towels at the pool or beach, they're heavy!! I can't make a bag big enough for 6 towels, unless they are regular light ones, i just make the children carry them home now. Keep the ideas coming, they're brilliant!! Love Posie