Sunday 7 July 2013

Breathe in, breathe out...

Today was the opening for the Hottie Challenge of 2013 and my gang of boisterous followers and I went along for a look.

If you haven't heard of this before you're obviously not a Curlypops reader!

Cam has been instrumental in drumming up and coordinating entries for the Hottie Challenge from all around the country - well globe really as some came from Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The idea is to create a usable - or decorative, hot water bottle cover using any technique of your choosing.

There were entries that were felted, appliqued, hand-stitched, painted, drawn and of course quilted.

Some were done using thread-sketching on the sewing machine.

Some were fluffy, others were cheeky, a number were themed to the patron of the competition the Margaret Pratt Foundation - Heart Lung Transplant Trust.

Wendy went for a fun play on the theme of 'Hot' with a Hottie that was Hot under the collar, Hot Cross Buns and Hot off the press!
Check her process and the result out here.

Quilted loveliness on the left by Cath and on the right the entry from our nine-year-old friend, Chiara.

All entries are available for sale for $40 and there were quite a number already gone.

Pretty in Pink array including Bec's top left.
This one was completely three dimensional and amazing.
My children were not happy it was sold already!!

Fairytale fantasy at work in this little theatre
Carmel always excels at creating Hotties that are cute and so creative, this little guy was quickly snapped up! (turtle joke there...)

I think he rivals the Robot from last year Carmel!
I particularly loved this one - the colour combinations in the threads was really lovely - very clever.

A thread interpretation of Monet
This one is another of my favourites, with the fabric and design extending beyond the surface of the cover and using a number of different techniques.
(Edit to add: Jennie said take a peek under her skirt if you visit...!)

Jennie from A Little Vintage made this gorgeous lady.
I went for a literal interpretation of the idea of a heart transplant patient having a 'zipper' put into their chest when they have the transplant done.

Appliqued heart and lungs and then an exposed zip down the front as the 'zipper'.

Apart from being able to buy a cover you can donate some coins to your favourite one(s) or you can make a silent auction bid on Cam's very funny tribute to Rhonda - Hot like a Sunrise.

All funds go to the Margaret Pratt Foundation - Heart Lung Transplant Trust, so give gold coins rather than silver ones if you can!

It's on until the end of the month at Open Drawer in Camberwell, well worth a look - it's a great way to expose your kids to creative work in a friendly environment.

And in case that's not enough good reasons to visit then pop over and get some more inspiration here.


CurlyPops said...

It was so lovely to see you Karen! Thanks so much for joining in the challenge with your gorgeous Hottie

ARTwendy ... said...

love the hot to trot report .... all were amazing & your work was impeccable per usual .... thanks for sharing! .... hot hot hot

Annie said...

Fantastic exhibition. Thanks for sharing.