Monday 8 July 2013

In the 'olden' days...

We are in the midst of school holidays at the moment and I have very much been enjoying having my girls at home. We had a lovely week at Phillip Island that I am yet to share and in the past few months I have had two wonderful craft retreats - both of which I still need to report on!

I am also yet to share all the details about my huge crafty haul that I split with a few other lovely crafty chicks as touched on in the past...

In the last term at school the girls were focussing on how life was lived in years gone by, or as they repeatedly said "In the Olden Days!".

The studies culminated in a day when they all came dressed in their "olden days" clothing, had a group assembly and then spent the day moving from one are to the next participating in old-style school activities, making pikelets, playing old games and doing other activities.

My two old-fashioned girls.
The night before, I whipped up these two skirts!
They are super-simple, a large rectangle gathered onto elastic waistbands.

I had a stack of pre-gathered broderie lace that I added to the bottom of each so it looked like a petticoat peeking out.
Then I made an apron for Miss L and Miss A grabbed the striped one from the dress up box.  Teamed with their black boots (Melbourne winter staple!) and a long-sleeved cotton shirt and they were good to go.

They learned how good they have it at school these days!
This was a fantastic unit of study as it got the girls engaged with their own history too, from family tree to interacting with their grandparents about what life was like for them as children.

Some more of the 'new stash' lace on the edge of the apron.
It also generated numerous jokes (well for them at least) about what life was like for their dad and I in the olden days, despite telling them repeatedly that we didn't grow up in the olden days!!

So there has been a little sewing here!
More to come...


Liesl said...

Great costumes! The boys did the same unit of study last term - it was lots of fun.

They also asked me questions about the "olden days" ... more specifically whether there was electricity when I was a little girl!

ARTwendy ... said...

awhhhhh bless ..... thank goodness we don't wear petticoats like that for real anymore!! good job super mum!!