Tuesday 4 June 2013

Lovely Clover

Facebook is a dangerous thing.
Last year Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants posted a pic of several gorgeous wool fabrics they had just put into stock, I promptly bought two of them and have finally completed a garment using one.

It's the Style Arc Clover Cape.

See the little spots on the buttons, totally a coincidence of course!
This fabric 'spoke' to me as soon as I saw it - even though blue and brown tones together are not something I would have said I love.

Last winter I cut the cape and lining out and had only sewn up the collar stand and the pocket flaps before the weather changed, and so I put it away...

Double breasted and lined with some fabric I bought from Tessuti a while ago
As the weather recently turned cold again I dug it out and took it to Sewjourn a few weeks ago where I finished it off.

It is super warm and oh so comfortable to wear.
I love the arm slits as it gives you the freedom to move around in a way that other capes, which are secured under the arms, don't.
It also allows you to slip a bag onto your shoulder underneath it which I find really handy.

The arm slit is on the left then the pocket is concealed behind this flap
The wool was lovely to sew with and I was able to get the seams all nice and flat using my much-loved steam iron.
The top-stitching foot on my machine made it easy to get the lines all nice and even.
What mum doesn't need pockets!!
As this was quite thick with multiple layers in places, I left my Bernina dual feed on for pretty much all of it and the fabric just cruised through - no issues at all, not even when doing the buttonholes.

A less than wonderful shot I know!! 
I will get many years of use from this cape and possibly get to making another one for me as it's such a comfortable and versatile garment to wear.
I just throw it over whatever I have on and head out into the cold.
To say I love it would be an understatement!

Updated to add some 'modelled' pics.
These are taken from a funny angle as my photographer is quite short!

Excuse the creases - didn't think to press it!!


deadlycraft said...

Wow that is GORGEOUS! I LOVE that fabric and what you did with it too. I keep trying on capes and similar but am not sure they suit me... This has just about convinced me to try one anyway - great work!

ARTwendy ... said...

you are so 'clover' .... ooops i mean clever! this cape is sensational ....the fabric is awesome & it suits you perfectly ... thanks for sharing per usual! oh & I adore the photographer's view point!

Christy said...

I love this fabric Karen and the cape looks great. You definitely need another.

Kylie said...

Great photos from your 'short' photographer.
I have to get mine cut out. I might get some tips from you:)

Tanya said...

What a brilliant job. The cape looks amazing, great fabric, great pattern and so well executed in the sewing department. Have fun wearing it, would love to see the faces of the people when they say 'nice cape' and you say 'I made it'. Nice!

Cass said...

Looks awesome Karen

Cindy said...

The cape is gorgeous! I love the fabric that you used.:)

Andrea said...

That is stunning Karen, you did. Great job. I was expecting a post about Forever Clover when. Saw the title.

mummymadesigns said...

gawd I love it !
you are so clever

Michelle said...

Karen it's so funny - I have been contemplating the Clover Cape for a while, and had my mouse pointer over the "add to cart" just now and thought I should do a google search to see who else has made it. And you have! It looks perfectly beautiful on you, and you've inspired me! Added to cart!