Saturday 21 January 2012

Sharing the fabric love

Who would have ever thought I'd say I have too much fabric - but I do this time!

Now I am not one to use my blog to 'flog' things off but I consider this to be sharing the fabric love with some friends!

I found a knit factory that is closing down and got two full bolts of striped cotton/lycra, you could only buy it by the bolt, so i had no option really but to do it.

It's superior quality - has a lovely rebound, is soft and drapes beautifully.

It would be great for leggings, long and short sleeved T-shirts, dresses and skirts and also sleepwear.

The first one is very dark navy and cream stripes. (It does look black and white but it is not!)
The stripes are 1.5cm wide.

The bolt is 150cm wide. 

The next is a pink and white stripe - the pink is a real bubblegum or candy coloured pink - not salmon as it looks slightly.
These stripes are 0.5cm each and the bolt is 130cm wide.

This will be getting a good workout in my place I can tell you!!

I can't wait to make up some Oliver +s Hopscotch dresses and tops and Olivia dresses by Farbenmix.
Stripes are also great when mixed with solids for Make it Perfect long-sleeved T's.

To make things easier (for me!) I'm keeping the price on both the same, so it can be yours for $10 per metre plus postage.

I'm happy to send however you prefer - Express, registered, regular mail or pick up if you like and I will give you a price once I know how much you want.

So leave me a comment and make sure it links to your email, with how many metres you want of each or if you want to ask questions then feel free and I will email you back.

Thanks for looking.
Oh, and it's first in best-dressed of course, I'll deal with requests in the order the come.


Sally said...

I'll have a metre of the blue and cream and two metres of the pink and white please.
You have my email address :)

Cas said...

oooh can i have a metre of each please :) you have my contact details too :) gosh knows what i'll do with it yet ...

Belinda said...

Oh I am in love!!!! Pink for Layla, Navy for me (our default colours).
If available, can I please get 2m of pink and 3m of navy?
Thank you!!

Donna said...

I'll have some of both Karen!! I'll get back to you on the yardage once I have thought about it a little bit more. I can see a shirt and another nightie in my future sewing pile.

Amy said...

Hi Karen,

I'd love a few meters of each if you still have some available.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! I am friends with Wendy N and i think i met you at her 40th? Anyway, can you please let me know if you have any of this fabric left for sale? I would LOVE some! thanks.