Friday 20 January 2012

But wait, there's more...

Come on, I made one so you knew there'd be two more to come didn't you??

Admittedly, they've been a while coming - then I made three in two nights, they really are that easy.
(One is set aside for an upcoming birthday, how's that for organised!)

Very happy to have a nightie like her sister!

These are perfect for hot clammy summer nights - so cool and comfortable I am told.

Both these fabrics are really soft.

I had to convince her to change when we were going out, no mean feat sometimes.

I have, literally, metres of this sweet blue floral print and it's hard to tell, but it has little purple flowers on it that match the contrast trim.

Her sister likes to do her hair at the moment! Can you tell?
In other news, I acquired some fabric today that is way too much for my stash (yep, even I know it's too much for just me!!).
So tomorrow I'm going to post some details and sell off a bunch of it, come back if you're interested.

It's gorgeous quality cotton/lycra - with fantastic stretch/rebound.
It could be used for all sorts of things (leggings, dresses, long-sleeved T's, regular T's).

I'll give you all the info tomorrow.
Dark navy and cream stripe and pink and white stripe - it's good stuff, really!


ARTwendy ... said...

adore a little contrast ... well done mum ... you are a machine ...

Susan said...

Gorgeous sewing Karen. Are you all ready for going back to school? Susan

Cas said...

oooh i'll check it out tomo. not that i need enticing to check out your blog karen :) very cute nighties.

Sally said...

Ooo... exciting :)