Wednesday 4 March 2009

Buttery soft

That's the only way to describe this Amy Butler fabric I picked up at Amitie a few weeks ago - it really is quite lovely.

This is the little Ottobre top I said I was going to make - it's a great pattern - really quick and easy.

The only problem I had was that the buttonhole foot on my machine had a little trouble gripping at the top where the binding was.
This resulted in the buttonholes being unevenly spaced - so next time I will do the buttonholes horizontally I think.

I have made another one of these in some of my beloved Erin McMorris yellow birds fabric but gifted it before I remembered to take a pic! It was the same colour combo as this bird top I made last year. (scroll down a bit and you'll see it!)

Bek has made one up recently too - there were a few of the EB sewing girls planning to make one.
If you've made one post a link in comments and share it around - I'd love to see it.
I find it really interesting to see how different people interpret the same pattern.
I have at least one more of these planned and it will be quite different again.

This is quite big on Miss G - more like a tunic or smock - but looked sweet worn over some long pants today and in time will fit her less like a dress and more like a shirt.
Now at last, a sneaky peek of an outfit I am working on for the EB kids clothing swap.

You may assume I am making for a boy - I don't that is saying too much given the fabric choices.

There will be a 'top' and a 'bottom' in these fabrics. (brown cotton drill,striped jersey, blue fine wale cord and feature print with cars and animals).
The cord is a gorgeous colour - more like the first pic than the second in true colour I think.

Stay tuned for more later.


Austysmum said...

That feature print is soooooo cute!!! Can't wait to see what you make. I love the amy butler top - gorgeous! I will get around to Madelyn's soon... I promise!

Cass said...

Karen I love the top, can't wait to see Miss G in it

Little Munchkins said...

The top looks even better than I imagined it would be. Miss G is going to be the talk of the town.

Love the sneak peek ;p The fabric you got from Amitie is cute. I am sure the recipient will love it what you are making.

Lily Mulholland said...

Very nice work there Karen :)

Miss Moo said...

Love the top. Which Ottobre edition is is as I'm about to start a subscription? Also, congratulations - you won my Nicola Cerini fabric giveaway. Send me your postal details and I'll pop them in the post as soon as I can. My email is

Bek said...

Oh that's a lovely top! I agree, it is a very nice pattern, and fun to see other people's creative twists!

Hei Lo's Creation said...

Love the top. It so sweet and I like the colours.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty top! Beautiful for a little one!

Kelly said...

That top is gorgeous. I just wish the pattern was big enough for my girls. Don't think it would suit the little man:). I like your sneak peek of fabric. Can't wait to see what you come up with

Anonymous said...

Nice top Karen! It was lovely to meet you today at Stitches - thanks so much for introducing yourself! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show - we had a ball and didn't leave until 3.30pm! I'm sure that I'll see you around Melbourne somewhere again.

Kerri said...

Hi Karen I know the weather is crazy this summer you guys nearly have it as hot as us and the rain here was shocking cut off our water supply ARRGH I will send it your way - all good now though I love your fabrics hope you are well and your gorgeous girls too xx

Tamara said...

Nice little top. Thanks for delurking, always nice to see who your readers are.

Amitie are having a sale this Friday. I have a new nephew to be to shop for so I am looking forward to visiting them.

The peony wasn't from my garden, I buy a bunch every November. My favourite flowers.

Miss Moo said...

Glad you liked the show. I almost did a workshop with Jodie (selvedge edge purse) but then didn't in the end. I might attempt to make my own version of the birdhouses for Maddie's room.