Saturday 30 August 2014

Filling the void


Yeah, it's been a while...

This year has taken us by storm. Lots of things new and, mostly exciting, things have happened.

It took me a while to get into the swing of being a stay-at-home parent with no kids at home during the day.

Someone turned six!
Once I got used to that I found my feet and a number of job opportunities each as diverse as the next have, serendipitously, come my way.

I've become part of some really wonderful communities; at school, groups that are an extension from school and of course my gorgeous crafty friends and am enjoying some amazing friendships and experiences  from such.

We did the snow in style, with snow cones!

We've had road trips and holidays and play dates, seen stage shows and exhibitions, celebrated birthdays, had dress up days, taken up new hobbies and interests and welcomed a new fluffy member to our family, and these three fabulous people continue to make my heart sing and amaze me every single day.

Our new family member at the beach for the first time
And then of course there's been sewing - quite a bit of sewing, none of which is never enough, and most of which I don't have photos of.

Bright eyed and enthusiastic about the world and learning like never before

But I have missed this little space.
A place to share and to record my experiences and to offer advice or opinions or just have a little rant as the case may be.

I plan to be back here more often in the future.
I hope you might be too.


Annie said...

Good to see those lovely kids again's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me this year...lots of changes.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Lovely to see you back here.
Looking forward to the next one.xx

Jane said...

Good to see you and those beaming girly faces back here! Looks like it's been a great year for you so far. - jane :)

Sally said...

Always love hanging out with you in blogland Karen. I know how tricky it is to fit in though... days are so jam packed!!!

Ellieboo said...

YAY good to see you back on your wonderful blog - I have been checking it every now and then and was so pleased to see a post today. Geez your girls are growing up so fast! My 7 year old kept asking me this morning if wearing her boots made her look like a teenager - I just said slow down kiddo, slow down!

Anonymous said...

What lovely things you have been up to, I became a mother without anyone at home with me this year too. It did take a bit of adjusting to get used to. So I am glad that you felt that way too. I love your new family member. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

It has been a crazy busy year. Glad to see you back. I too have blogged :)

Juni said...

It's lovely to see a new post from you - I check back every now and then. So glad you are still enjoying sewing.