Tuesday 11 February 2014

Keeping it clean

Clean, neat and tidy for art at school of course - what did you think I meant??

The smallest needed an art smock for school so I let her loose in the stash and didn't even baulk when her love of all things green lead her to some of my Sandi Henderson stash.

Long enough to cover her dress so there should be no accidental spillages.
I used the ever-reliable Oliver+s smock pattern - from Leisl's book, Little Things to Sew, a brilliant book full of well considered projects that are beautifully executed.

I made the large - I have made the mistake before of making a smaller smock only to have to make another the following year.

Two size 16 snaps keep it secure.
Because it's still a little large I added two snaps at the back so it keeps it a little more secure on her shoulders, when she's bigger she can just do up one snap.

Painting the toadstools in the garden...
She is absolutely loving school - I've never seen her so happy and full of joy.
She bounces around the house singing at every opportunity - it makes my heart feel warm.

Oh, and the poses and props in these photos were entirely of her own doing!

I've also made a couple more back to school items - a new library bag for both her and her little friend.  Both were very happy to have their names on them, it's still a novelty.
We teamed it up with classic Roald Dahl for a nice little birthday gift that both the birthday girl and her lovely mum appreciated.

Excuse the late night dodgy iPhone pic!!


Jane said...

I'm so glad school is going well! I'm sure it makes things much easier on you when you see her flourishing. Love the smock, and the poses :)

ARTwendy ... said...

classic .... love the green of course!you're such an awesome mum!

Annie said...

She was obviously ready for her next chapter . . . you are a great MUM. I feel like making some spare library bags and art smocks for all the kids that don't have mums that care like you do.

Cass said...

Looking good Karen, Lucy's art smock is still going strong

Sally said...

Great smock. Geez I love the little bits of extra that your girls add to their photos. True models. My girl is starting to do the same... its all I can do to stop laughing and actually get a shot. Too funny.

... and yes... I think the lesson of going bigger might finally be sinking into this brain. Maybe?!?!