Saturday 18 January 2014

Feathered friends

School holidays provide the opportunity to slow down and do things that you might not otherwise get to do.
For me that means having time to do some sewing with the girls.

We started these sweet toys earlier in the week - on the first of five days where the temperature peaked at around 44 degrees celcius (around 110 farenheit!).

It seemed like a good activity for indoors, in the air-conditioning.
Introducing Polly penguin...
and Danielle Duck.

Penny penguin...
The pattern is from the Queen of softies - Jodie of Ric Rac, and there is also a cute little owl as well as the duck and penguin.
Jodie is known for spending literally hours and hours, perfecting the shapes and features of her toys. Apart from always looking amazing they also come together in a logical and easy manner.
You can see them all here on Etsy or in her pattern shop. (this is not a paid endorsement - I just love Jodie's work!).

The pics below are just to show you what I am sometimes up against when trying to get good photos!

The two seven-year-olds managed really well with the sewing for this toy - only needing assistance once or twice.
I relinquished control and didn't re-cut squarish edged circles or re-stitch areas of beak that may have been slightly missed - and I am glad I didn't because these toys each have their own character (design features) and are really a reflection of the girls' work.
As a result, they are incredibly proud of them.

Each time they asked me what to do next, I referred them back to the pattern and so they also learned a lot as they made the toys.
Jodie's instructions are very straight-forward and explain why you are doing certain things too so the child learns as they sew - they had no trouble reading the entire pattern and I just explained any terms they didn't understand.
The small kid tracing penguin's feet
The smallest kid did remarkably well too - on a number of occasions I was told that I needed to leave her alone, she was fine!

She is a bright little button and so follows instruction really well.  I could put in two pins and ask her to sew only between them and she did this with ease, so was able to do the bulk of the sewing herself.
I helped with things like the feet and wings but she sewed on the beak, eyes and tummy all by herself.

Using my 'good' machine was a treat for all.
Watch out for your fingers!!

This is a beginners pattern and it was a wonderful thing to make with the girls. They learned new skills and expanded their sewing vocabulary while having fun.
I asked them at one point would they like to go to the pool and they said no they wanted to sew - good girls!!

They are now all tucked up in bed with their new toys, but not after taking to the trampoline with them and teaching them to fly!


Tanya said...

That's so great Kazz.
Well done Miss A, Miss L & Miss G- what fantastic little softies you have made. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Unknown said...

It looks like loads of fun. You must be so proud! I will have to remember this pattern when my kids are learning to sew.

Kelly Casanova said...

Wow, they did a fantastic job! By the way, I am NOT showing my girls that pink trampoline! :)

Jane said...

The girls did such a great job! And well done for letting them do it their way - I know I have trouble letting go like that, but they learn so much more and are probably way more proud when there's less parental interference! Adorable birds, and girls :)

Maryanne said...

They look fantastic. Madeleine has become more independent in her sewing and it has been lovely to see. Having seen your girls wonderful animals she is very keen to check out the patterns too.

Cass said...

Awesome work by the girls. I must get Lucy to try this once I have my machine serviced

ARTwendy ... said...

quack quack .... good work mother duck/penguin! clever girls ... jodie rocks!!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Awesome job all round!
And I feel your photography pain. Getting 3 to smile (not pull faces) at the same time usually takes around 25 shots in our house. :)