Sunday 24 November 2013

They were all yellow....

Miss G was lucky and got two completed dresses from my sewing weekend - ironic really as she is the one who gets the most hand-me-downs but she is also not yet in school uniform every day. (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

This is a very sweet little Kwik Sew pattern, number 3940, a yoked dress with button up back.

More awkward smiling...
She insisted on including her lizard in these pictures - and no it's not real!

The yellow fabric for this one was purchased with another project in mind but suited this dress so well that I grabbed it.

It's from the Lisette range about 12 months ago.
The pink is a little pieces of Sherbet Pips, yep I still have a little of that in my stash.

Again this is a Kiwk Sew medium and is probably one size too large, I won't need to sew dresses for a while now will I!

The yellow is a lightweight cotton - lovely and floaty. 
Not as soft as a voile but not a quilters cotton - it has a lovely breezy feel to it, perfect for hot summer days.

I'd been waiting for the perfect project to use these striped buttons on as they are quite a vivid shade of pink but they were just right for this dress.
Oops - should have lined that yoke up better before I took the pic!

I wasn't overjoyed with the way the inside yoke on this was finished - it was overlocked and left exposed - I think next time I would use some Vleisofix tape and position the yoke to align with the top yoke and then stitch it in place with the edges folded under.

Also I wish I had top-stitched one needle position closer to the edge, not a big deal I know but just a personal preference thing.

Oh, and in case you couldn't quite see in the other pics - the tooth fairy has made two visits in ten days to our house.
It's going to be gappy smiles for a while to come I think!

Gorgeous Gappy girl!

P.S. - the post title refers to one of my favourite 'Cold Play' song titles in case it was too obscure!


Annie said...

What a gorgeous summery dress for a lovely girl. I especially liked the lizard feature. Now you'll be able to sing the song for Christmas about the 2 front teeth.

Jane said...

So sweet - including the lizard! I agree with you on that kind of 'too easy' inside finish of yokes & things... it isn't that much harder to finish things more neatly, is it - I think I prefer it when patterns go that extra mile.
Our Clem has exactly the same recent tooth loss! I like the cute little 'lithp' it gives them :)

Sally said...

Gorgeous gorgeous daughter and dress.

Yellow and pink - lovely dovely - and a favourite with my darling daughter.