Thursday 3 October 2013

Bend and stretch...

then flip upside down!

This kid is gymnastics mad at the moment, so when the gym exhibition called for a 'Space-themed' outfit I took her shopping, and this is what we came up with!

Long, long legs...!
She knew exactly what she wanted and I was very lucky to have been given a pattern by Kelly that she no longer needed and it was perfect for this outfit, having leotard and leggings in the one pattern.

Raspberry and silvery white, stretchy, stretchy, stretchy.
She wasn't keen at first but I convinced her that a small silver piping strip down each side would look good and I am glad she let me as it really sets off the star.

Always the wrong way up!
The shorts are quite snug - I would probably go up a size next time, but she says they are perfect, and they certainly didn't cause any performance problems on the day.

It didn't take much encouragement to get her back into it!
I realised I hadn't taken any shots of just the leotard, so here she is, bad indoor evening shots - sorry!!

When she raised her arms up the creased section disappeared, without any 'wedgie' factor!
I added 5cm through the lower body of this leotard as she is very long in the torso.
She measured a size 5-6 but length was size 10!

I made a size 7 with the extra length and it was perfect, did not need to be pulled at or adjusted at all.

I think she will be wearing this again and again - and I certainly plan to make her more leotards using this pattern.

To complete the outfit I made two tiny scrunchies that she wanted to wear on two little hair buns to keep her long hair at bay as she was performing.

She was more than a little proud to receive her very first trophy - it was a demonstration day so everyone got one, but that didn't diminish her excitement. She is working hard and loving her gym and deserved something special.

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thornberry said...

So gorgeous! You did a great job on the leotard and leggings and she did a great job bending and stretching!

Annie said...

Those beautiful clear, eyes, full of life and fun . you do a magnificent job with those children Karen. What a beautiful outfit - Lucky lucky girl - my kids are making cardboard swords today! Thanks for getting me onto Blogtober

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Looks awesome - you are a clever chick!
I need to get over my fear of stretch fabric. You make it look so good!

Cass said...

She looks awesome well done.

Unknown said...

Love the pinstripes down the side - they really do finish the leotard off nicely. Awesome shimmery fabric!

Ellieboo said...

Stunning outfit Karen - what a great job. And she looks like a professional gymnast! I love the piping - Im glad you got your way on that one ;)

Kelly Casanova said...

So gorgeous! I didn't think to tell you that the shorts run a bit small, that was a problem for us too.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Oooh, what a wonderful job you have done. I wish I had the confidence to sew something like a leotard, Immy would love it. We'll just stick to plain black or pink from the shops!