Tuesday 27 August 2013

The stitches that bind

How this post has not happened til now I don't really know - as I've spent many a winter evening of late snuggled under this lovely quilt.

Those who know me or have read my blog for a while would know (as I have said on many occasions), that I don't quilt.

I am, however, lucky enough to have a lovely friend who does.

She noticed once the size of the 'scraps' I was donating to kinder and I realised that what is a scrap to a garment maker is more than enough for a quilter to work with.

So I started keeping scraps and giving them to her to look at to see if there was any treasure amongst my trash.

At Christmas, she presented me with this amazing quilt, made with many of my scraps and with her own special pieces added in.

She has that gift of colour combination. 
She just gets it right when it comes to colour - things that I would never think to try she just does; it's inherent, I don't believe it can be learned, at least not in the intrinsic way she can do this.

It's quilted with a combination of hand and machine stitching and as a fellow 'hand-maker ' I know it has been made with time, care, consideration and love as a reflection on our friendship.

Every time I look at it, it reminds me of so many things; the many different garments that each scrap represents, the enjoyment I get from seeing hand-skills so well executed and of course the wonderful friendship I enjoy with my very dear friend, who was introduced to me through a mutual love of sewing.

A belated but ever so sincere, thank you for caring enough to make this for me.


Sally said...

It is absolutely beautiful. What a dear friend indeed. Lovely!

thornberry said...

Beautiful. Beautiful words, beautiful quilt, and an absolutely treasured friend.

ARTwendy ... said...

my cup runneth over ... so glad it is loved & understood xo

Annie said...

Now that's what I call a good Friend! Love the Quilt!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt - one to be treasured, that's for sure. Your friend sounds very special.

pandchintz said...

What a lovely friend - and a beautiful quilt!

Ellieboo said...

Its seriously gorgeous. It is such an art putting colours together and one I struggle with. Your friend obviously has that special something when it comes to matching fabrics. Wish I could have a bit of that talent :)

Cath said...

Wow, so beautiful...you say you are not a quilter but i too know the love and thoughtfulness of friends who spend hours to make a beautiful quilt...My heart sings whilst sitting under my quilt and think of each of you as i look at your gorgeous blocks!!!! Miss Wendy is such an amazingly clever gal and the most wonderful friend. I am so blessed to call her my friend too! C xxxx

Unknown said...

It is a beautiful quilt, Karen. I love the hand-quilting and it is a wonderful way to remember all the gorgeous clothes you have made your daughters.

Natalie said...

What a truly beautiful gift to get Karen, this is such a sweet quilt (and I don't suppose you know what print the one with the girl on the swing is, so adorable!)